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Windows 7. Yes, I mount the ISO by right clicking on it and selected Mount. Doing so brings up the autoplay box and I select "run setup.exe". I install game with no issues. Once that is done however, when I try to start the game it's asking me to insert the CD-ROM. Sorry for the late response.


--- Quote from: RizZen on August 04, 2019, 03:05:53 am ---Microsoft released Freelancer as freeware and it became available for anyone.

--- End quote ---

That doesn't sound much like Microsoft to me.  Is there somewhere we can read the original announcement (or some other documentation) of the free release?

Wikipedia article doesn't say anything about that; Google search tells me that MS doesn't sell it anymore/cares about it so it's some sort of abandonware.

There had been announcements back in time. You will see it when i find smt. - had same issue with MechCommander, microsoft too - but after speaking with Mitch Gitelman, the head CEO of the developer team everything was cool. The creators of those games like how they get distributed in a non-profit oriented manner.

If only FS would be available that way too :o


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