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MechCommander 1 / Gold Download Collection (04/2020)



Mech Commander Gold
 RizZ´s Downloads
--- MCG - Original Manual ---
--- Keyboard Controls ---
Functional / Tactical Overview
--- All playable mechs - Overview ---

MCG - Darkest Hours FULL VERSION 4.0 Download & Stuff

    MCG - Darkest Hours v4.0 Freeware Fullversion - Download page
    (MCG - Darkest Hours v4.0 - alternate OrgMrg - Op1Mis1 versions!)*
    MCG - Darkest Hours v4.0 - alternative starting conditions & savegame downloads
    MCG - Darkest Hours v4.1 - Cumulative Bugfix, salvage & mission patch v4.1
    MCG - Darkest Hours v5.0 - Optional Visual Sight & Weapon Range Rebalance Mod v0.1 Alpha
    (How to change or customize my ingame music/sound?)*
    Download Gameranger to play MCG - Darkest Hours Multi-Player sessions.

MCX.exe is the one Gameranger uses for Multi-Player
How to play Multi-Player by starting MCG-DH with "Gameranger"?

Original Game Content - Vanilla Game

Basic MC1&MCG (not necessary for MCG-DH-Full Version)
Mech Commander Original game & CD/ISO Downloads

* Mech Commander Gold - Desperate Measures - Original CD/ISO - Download, (2, 3, 4)
* Use Deamon Tools or Virtual Clone Drive (recommended) for mounting *.ISO files with WinXP/Vista/7 - Win8/10 can mount without additional software
* Download pre-installed Original Gamefolder made by magic on moddb - MCG Downloads
* Original MCG Walkthrough by Briareos Kerensky, 2005

User Customer Campaigns Standalone Downloads by MagicX on ModDB - MCG Usermade Campaigns (three builts)


Download resolutions

Download MCXResolution.exe Files for following Resolutions working for all MCG-Versions:

Low resolutions

* MCX640x480NOCD.exe (No-CD for testing)
* MCX640x480.exe
* MCX800x480.exe
* MCX800x600.exe
* MCX1024x600.exe
* MCX1280x600.exe
Medium resolutions

* MCX1024x768.exe
* MCX1152x768.exe
* MCX1280x768.exe
* MCX1280x800.exe
* MCX1280x1024.exe
High resolutions

* MCX1440x900.exe
* MCX1600x900.exe
* MCX1680x1050.exe
* MCX1600x1200.exe
* MCX1920x1080.exe
MCX.exe Multi-Player Exe for gameranger (loads *.iso file automatically and starts Darkest Hours with this Exe from 2009 (MP.exe).
MCXOriginal.exe - Original MCX.exe. Only MCX.exe files can be customized with four different resolutions via PRFS.CFG. Resolutions above are exe-hackerys of the original in order to raise ingame inmission resolution.

(Download different "Prfs.cfg" for game´s main folder.)*

Editor patch (for all physically installed standalones)
(Download Editor2 patch)*
Spoiler:   Editor2 upgrade contains • hide

- Editor2.exe (hex-edited 2009)
- latest version of Editor Extender (from 2011)
- extended and alternate TedIds.csv (02/2000 & 05/2000)
- placing elementals
- additional editor functions
- read ABL scripting & editor reminder

Optional Mods
NGNG MechCommander Mods (for all standalone versions)

Not recommended to be used in Multi-Player games unless all players have same settings - game will crash because to play Multi-Player all players need the same gamefiles. (Synchronization)

MCG Darkest Hours v5.0 - Visual Range & Weapon Range Rebalance mod v0.1a by RizZ (works for all standalone versions!)
(Optional Weapon Mod v1.0 (by SeanLang & NGNG modding team))*
(Vehicle Rebalance Mod v0.3 (by confused_shelf))*
(Mech Tonnage Fix v1.0 (all to be used single player only!))*
Hint: When you decide to try out these mods, make a copy of your game folder before. Make changes in copied twin folder and use the original one for multi-player. This way your not becoming in danger to mess up your gamefiles for other game features.

MechCommander - Modding

MechCommander Modding content

--- Quote ---RizZen´s modified cMunsta Tools v3.0 Alpha (includes Tigress-tools below)
Download MCShell (by russian modders modified debug development tool)
Download ShpEd Version 0.5 (shapefile modding / gameart & designing)

RizZ´s Editor v2.0 Upgrade (includes latest version of extender below)
cMunsta Tools - Download tools for editing/extracting/compressing *.pak, *.fst, *.dpk, *.sol, *.pkk, *.mpk games file formats
NoGutsNoGalaxy Alpha GUI Modding Tools by Tigress
cMunsta´s Campaign Building Guide I - Campaign building
cMunsta´s Campaign Building Guide II - *.ABL scripting missions
cMunsta´s Campaign Building Guide III - Advanced features
cMunsta´s Campaign Building Guide IV - Videos
cMunsta´s notices for file formats used in MCG
cMunsta´s Guide for "Creating Warriors"
cMunsta´s Guide for "Creating Weapons"
Mech Commander Font Download Arena Condensed
Remaking Timberwolf´s Mod - Notices - two pages
MC2-Icon redesigned for MCG - New Icon (png)
--- End quote ---

All those files above are part of the "MechCommander PC Game User & fan - package". They will be available as single updates although - in the future. For now i only put all stuff into a big package that can be easily extracted on your computers.

Gamefiles source

Darkest Hours extracted files (game evolution through versions):

--- Quote ---Mech Commander Gold - Darkest Hours source
extracted 00_MUpdate.fst (v4.0) (mission updates)
extracted 00_RizZArt.fst (v4.0) (artwork updates)
extracted 01_PuWa.fst (v4.0) (purchase & logistics updates & bugfixes)
all 30 Remastered Vanilla MC1 Original Campaign Missions (Op1Mis1 as modded version & bugfixes)
all 12 Remastered Vanilla MCG Expansion Campaign Missions
all 19 Xenocide Customermade Org Campaign Missions
all 25 X-Ray Customermade Org Campaign Missions
all 17 Exodus Customermade Org Campaign Missions
all 12 Bengal Customermade Exp Campaign Missions
all 12 Turncoat Customermade Exp Campaign Missions
all 5 DSC Raid Customermade Exp Campaign Missions
all 9 The First Offense Inofficial solocampaign Missions (SOL-Pack 2, v4.0 content)
all 12 Refusal War Inofficial Solocampaign Missions
all 21 MechWarrior Rare Campaign Missions
8 Yankee Company Inofficial Solocampaign Missions (one mission is missing, empty folders)
SOL Pack 1 - contains 45 remastered *.sol files (Org+ExpMrg & ACEHUNT, PAREDUX, THEGUNS)
MCG Darkest Hours - Start files (RizZen's "MCXSolWork" folder)

General MechCommander Source & Files:
MechCommander Gold MCG Darkest Hours Source code for mod development
MechCommander Gold Extracted Source Files from github
MechCommander Gold Extracted Audio Source (Betty, Pilots...)
No-CD-Crack-exe (only recommended for testing / debugging - 640x480 resolution)
FST Files (extracted FST libraries & subdirectories)
PAK Files (extracted PAK libraries & subdirectories)
"X:\Games\MCG ROOT\DATA\SPRITES\SPRITE *.PAKs" (from modDB - 555MB rar file)
"X:\Games\MCG ROOT\DATA\TILES\TILE *.PAKs" (from modDB - 122MB rar file)
--- End quote ---

All of those files are available for download as packages on modDB. I released the whole source - but not only the basic raw - source - but although ALL extracted game files, sorted and useable for modding.

Have fun, MechCommanders - that's an order!

Regards RizZ


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