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MCG P.R.O.M.E.T.H.E.U.S. Free Fullversion Standalone v0.2beta! CLAN EDITION


"This is the former beta release of my BRANDNEW MechCommander 1 - Gold version: MCG Prometheus Read the descriptions for more information, have fun, that's an order! Regards RizZen."

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MechCommander Gold - Prometheus v0.2beta
Free Fullversion Download

--- Quote ---
"It's not over, until it's over!"
by Rocky Balboa

"Hark children of the Clans,
To the wisdom of Kerensky and your forebears,
Know what has come before;
Remember it as you strive toward the future."
Passages of Remembrance, Passage 1

--- End quote ---

I already have a MechCommander Gold Original CD / ISO file, can i download the game without the ISO image?

Sure, the alternate download you can find on my GoogleDrive cloud:
MCG Prometheus - NO ISO Built (~700MB less in size)

12/2020 - after more than four years of modding MechCommander i recently released a new MCG Prometheus - Version Changelog for good old Mech Commander. My priority in comparison to the previous MCG Darkest Hours v4.2 standalone was creating new game content (extending it with a pure Clan Version where you play on the other side of war) and solving technical issues. Now the procedure is done and this is the first available full(BETAtest)version - and the most excessive - that ever existed. I have got a great feedback, bugreports and ideas from previous version and want to thank all people who participated in the development process to make the game comfortable to play - just like it is now, thank you, dear MechWarrior/BattleTech community! A special thanks goes to honorable community member nimostar for helping in the reverse engineering processes and artwork design!

What is MechCommander Gold - Prometheus fullversion standalone v0.2beta all about?
MechCommander 1 - Gold: Prometheus is a new standalone version for MechCommander 1 - containing new missions and a brandnew prototype campaign. In the original game you play as MechCommander Harrison, member of Davion Guards. In P.R.O.M.E.T.H.E.U.S. the player takes part in the Clan Invasion as honorable MechCommander from Clan Wolf. For this new built we created a new recolored "Clan interface" for the whole game. Here is a list of new content you gonna be able to discover and explore:

* integrated Visual & Weapon Range rebalance mod for more Wide-Screen compatibility & realism
* 33 brandnew 'Clan Wolf campaign missions to play (Prometheus Clan campaign)
* Operation 1 status: 33 of 50 missions complete and ready for use
* 15% of the total game content is already usable
* from mision 34 on you will be "thrown" into the Darkest Hours campaign until updates will finally replace ALL Darkest Hours content in order to make this built a new record breaking 200 mission total campaign with five full working operations
* the whole Expansion Merge from MCG Darkest Hours as additional goodie (optional 2nd campaign mode) with 42 additional missions
* 358 solo missions for skirmish solomission game mode (original had three missions)
* 64 multiplayer scenarios (original had about 20)
* full operationable new Clan Wolf Menu Design
* two bonus songs for the Main Menu & Logistics
* full mixed tech purchase for the Prometheus campaign
* have a look into the official P.R.O.M.E.T.H.E.U.S. version changelog - development thread

Useful links & information for MechCommanders:

* MechCommander - Player´s guide (showing Darkest Hours content like BattleMechs, MechWarriors, Equipment...)
* MechCommander - Beginner´s guide, start a journey! (general MechCommander learning & tactical guide by RizZ)
* Installing notes, Win7/Vista color issues
* MCG Prometheus Install notes (Darkest Hours works exactly the same way)
* Installing on Linux & MAC OS
* Resolution notes (yeah i created additional new HD widescreen resolutions)
* How to play multiplayer games nowadays?

MechCommander 1 & Gold
All downloadable content

Download MechCommander Gold *.iso/CD file *recommended & supported
*Original MC is freeware since 2006* (included in the Prometheus fullversion)

KEEP IN MIND before you install:

Warning: Physically MechCommander can NOT be installed on Windows8-10 or above. To workaround you can download a prepared full installed game folder. Extract and place the game folder on your hard-disk. Mount the iso file in a virtual drive (Win10 right mouse klick and you will sh.. bricks) - and starting the game by executing one of the MCG.exe files in the game folders on your hard-disk.

So when you have downloaded and mounted the disk you just need one of the following standalone game folders to start the game with. I repeat: The *.iso just needs to be mounted - you will start the game one of the from the game folders you can download below.

ModDB Original game folder full version downloads for MechCommander:

* MechCommander Gold - Desperate Measures Expansion - MCX Original Game Folder Download
* MechCommander Gold - Xenocide & Bengal Lancers Usermade Edition Campaigns Download
* MechCommander Gold - X-Ray & DSC Raid Usermade Edition Campaigns Download
* MechCommander Gold - Exodus & Turncoat Usermade Edition Campaigns Download
* MechCommander Gold - The "Russian" Repulse Download
* MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours Fullversion 4.2 standalone campaign merge edition by RizZ Download
* MechCommander Gold - P.R.O.M.E.T.H.E.U.S. CLAN WOLF Fullversion standalone Download MCG Prometheus
* MCG-DH cumulative mission patch v4.2 Download (for Darkest Hours only)
* Alternate Starting conditions for Darkest Hours only Download
* Solo-Mission Map pack 3 (for Darkest Hours only v5.0 content inside) Download
* Optional High Resolution & Widescreen MCG.exe files Download
* Optional Visual Sight & Weapon Range Mod for all MCG standalone versions Download
Recommended: Each standalone version above must be stored in a seperate MCG gamefolder. I recommend you name this folders like above or similar to it.

For modders & developers:

* MechCommander PC Game User & Fan Package Download
* all MechCommander - Gold Sprites Extracted Download
* all MechCommander - Gold Tiles Extracted Download
* MechCommander Gold - SOURCE CODE Extracted Download

(c) by RizZen since 2016 - overhauled all content ( 2020 )


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