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Leaked List of Xbox 360 Games Currently In Development

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ROFL. Sneaky bastard Goob. :p

Wow...and I thought Descent 4 hopefuls were bad.  Ex post facto, some of the reactions in here are pretty funny. :p


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Deepblue

If Halo 3 wasn't gauranteed already...

But that actually looks to be a pretty damn good lineup. :yes:

I especially find it interesting that Spore is there... How will the controls work?

EDIT: Okay, I fixed the link so the image should be right now. No FS3... And you better keep your hands off this post Goob... :p

Can you stop me? :p

Original is on the left; Photoshopped is on the right.
--- End quote ---

Wow. That comparison really shows how well that was photoshopped...

I just dragged letters around, basically. :) But as Swamp_Thing noticed, I couldn't precisely replicate the slant of the other titles.

Sorry about the bump, but this thread is dead on accurate while old and not showing the complete list of titles being currently developed. A new Turok was just announced today, and Ninja Gaiden 2 was confirmed by Itagaki at


No matter what Bungie says, we already knew Halo 3 was in development and this proves it.


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