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Locutus of Borg:
you lost me, I don't evne know which files are the mods.

Erg.... I will explain later, maybe... either that or make a tutorial.  Go read karajorma's FAQ (top of HLP page you're looking at > External Sites > The FreeSpace FAQ), why don't you?  It'd be much easier on me.  XD

OpenAL may cause trouble sometimes........i don't think it will cause problems most of the time..........Maybe your right about steps 1 and 2......

At least half of the problems I deal with on a daily basis are OpenAL related. It's not OpenAL itself that's the problem. The problem is the installation of OpenAL. Either people don't have it or they have a corrupt version of it.

I have Open ALwEX, downloaded on 5-27-07 and Open al installer downloaded on 5-27-07, if anybody needs them let me know. I can up them on one of several free file sharing sites.


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