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Lao Tze ?

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Akalabeth Angel:
    Cool thanks dudes.

Now I know for a FACT (after testing) that the Lao Tze is too large to fit into a Karuna hangar.

Well yes, the UEF Lao Tze is the exclusive fighter of the Knights of the White Brotherhood who operate from the UED Solaris, so says the wiki page.

OK.  I have a question.  Does the Lao Tze have any other primary weapons besides its main gatling gun?


--- Quote from: ShadowGorrath on September 05, 2008, 01:08:48 pm ---Though the real purpose of this post is to ask WHY are there graphical errors in the screenshots, Darius? Pixelated/low-amount-of-colours/etc? Are you using IMG2DDS ( Compress non-compressed textures ) or maybe you need to update your drivers?

--- End quote ---

What sort of graphics errors? If you mean the thruster effects, they've been like that from the beginning, and a five-minute job would fix them up nicely.

The Lao Tze is a fighter-sized version of the MiG, plus a few primary weapons points in addition to the main gatling gun.


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