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Good job on both WoD normal campaign and this one. I enjoyed the ride :)

p.s. I only recently found WoD, partially thanks to the "MISSILESMISSILESMISSILES...". Good job on the main campaign too, I really enjoyed it!

Finished it and got the true ending, though I had to lower the difficulty to but that damn Zy Ace. I'm curious how the other endings are reached and what they look like.

Something strange happens when Stranded is loaded, though. When I play the main WoD campaign, all the head anis are shrunk and undersized, but the issue thankfully disappears if Stranded is removed from the WoD folder. I have no idea of what is causing this, and it's thankfully only a slightly annoying glitch.

Edit: Headani issue was known, apparently I am unable to read the OP.

I finally came around to playing Stranded today and played through it in one sitting... Really cool and has me wanting for more (as well as giving my a thiny regret for putting it off so long)

Good work, thank you Spoon for makeing it and I'm looking foward for more.

sorta/kinda makes me wish I could contribute (sadly my FREDing skills are out of date)

Glad you enjoyed it  :)

An FYI for anyone trying to play WoD:Stranded on a recent nightly, the new stricter table parser is complaining about a single quoting error in the ships table.  Here's a fixed table; just put it in Wings Of Dawn/data/tables/


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