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[Released] Ray MkIII (Now with W and E variants)

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So the UV maps would have been done today except for one problem.

Blender screwed up the UV maps. It was one of the rare Texture Atlas bugs that occurs that caused them to screw up after finishing the unwrap.

So I have to do more work now.

Wasn't there a WE variant? Or that's the JS?

Ray III-E is the light fighter variant of the Ray III. The Ray III-W is a heavy weapons variant. The JS is a Ray II variant.

I'm doing a very complicated process for creating the UV maps on the Ray III series.

Commander Zane:
There is a III-WE variant listed in the WoD ships list of the wiki, and I think one of the turn videos showed it in a targeting window. It might have been the one where every wing surface was forward-swept.

This is what I remember, at least.

I do not remember Spoon mentioning that. I'll double check.


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