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PUBLIC BETA: Knossos 0.14.3 (combined launcher/installer)

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The new Knossos isn't yet complete. The current Knossos repo is here.
I know, "old-knossos" is in use here. Maybe that error message can help developing?!


--- Quote from: Trivial Psychic on December 26, 2021, 09:27:46 pm ---I'm on a desktop PC.  I've tried the links that are "invites", I put in a username, it asks me to confirm that I'm not a bot, then it gives the "something out of the ordinary" page and asks for a verification.  Now, it seems that whether its successful or not, Discord saves the usernames I've attempted to use in the past, and most importantly, the cellphone number to use for it to send security code.  Made my first attempt back in October, but for some reason it didn't take.  My attempts more recently have failed ultimately because Discord recognizes that my number has been used before, so it won't let it be used to even attempt to certify another account.

The only method that I haven't explored is using something other than my browser to view Discord in (there is an option for a separate install), but I may still encounter the same stumbling blocks when trying to create an account.

Regardless, this is a moot point with respects to my Knossos problems, as I decided to back-up all of my work and go with the reinstall thing.  Fortunately, it auto-detected my current install and the only thing I lost was my command line settings and a few other preferences, easily fixed.

--- End quote ---

Looks like something for the Discord support team to take a look at..

I've recently updated mjnmixael's mainhalls and since then various mods - e.g. Vassago's Dirge - do not load but create an error msg that the mod is missing and my own mods now are completely broke and cannot load an exe. I really did nothing than update the mainhalls mod.

I know I'm not being very specific here. Let me know what additional information you need.

FYI, the solution was to delete all dependencies and just set them up anew.

Hi there,

hope this is the right thread to ask my question.

I have an Xbox Wireless Controller / 20th Anniversary Special Edition, which I`d like to use to play FSO or FreeSpace MVP via Knossos.
Everything works fine, except for the following problem:
Button A of the controller is always mapped to fire primary weapon.
Button B of the controller is always mapped to fire secondary weapon.
Even if I do not select a joystick at all in Knossos settings and/or unbind all the joystick buttons in-game, these two buttons are always mapped to fire primary/secondary weapons.

I already read other threads regarding Xbox controller issues and stumbled across GlovePie to work around the problem, but it does not help.
All it does, is that with activated GlovePie script two commands are mapped to the buttons.
It seems I am unable to unbind/unmap A and B buttons from firing primary/secondary weapons.

Any hint is highly appreciated!


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