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Incase you would like to get FS2_Open to run in linux (x86 architecture) you might find this intresting:

First grab bKtHeG's source tarball from  and extract the fs2_open directory.

First do the configure script ./configure --disable-sound -disable-networking

And after that execute make.

Incase you get compiler errors in gropengl.cpp, open that file (code/graphics/gropengl.cpp), locate the line #include and above that line, add the following line:


Save the file and execute make again (from within the fs2_open directory)

Make should now finish the compilation where it left off, and create the file fs2 (located in code/), copy this file to your freespace 2 directory.

If it doesn't, and complains about not finding -lGL, don't panic, this means you don't have a symbolic link in /usr/lib towards the correct file.

Create the symlink called and make it point to /usr/X11R6/lib/

Again start make from within the fs2_open directory.

In that same directory, create a textfile called fs2_open.ini and make sure it contains the following:

VideocardFs2open=OpenGL - Primary Display Driver(1024x768)
Videocard=OpenGL - Primary Display Driver(1024x768)

That's all, you should now be able to start fs2 with ./fs2

Extra notes, if you installed FreeSpace 2 using eg iculus's installer and get an error "error parsing strings.tbl" or "error parsing rank.tbl", try copying over your working freespace install from your windows partition, and see if that helps.

Don't have windows installed? No biggy, install the latest wine, and you can use the installer from the FreeSpace CD's.

Incase you got an error while compiling like, eg "brace-enclosed initializer used to initialize x", it is most likely because of a whacked GCC install, check that you have binaries that match each other (don't mix files from eg 2.9.2 with 3.x), and if that doesn't help, try removing & reïnstalling GCC.

With many thanks to bKtHeG for making this available

Ooo, this is promising :)

Does the windows compile still work? If someone says yes, we should get this into the source tree asap :)

What version of SCP is bk's build based on?

Yea, it is, you should see it run in X ;) Or even better, see it load! :eek2:

I have to say that it runs very, very well, but on another note, i had some very hard crashes/freezes, don't know what is causing them yet tho, will investigate.

So, where are the 3.5.5 sources? :D

PS: Life without Micro$oft is possible :ha:



--- Quote ---Originally posted by Inquisitor
Ooo, this is promising :)

Does the windows compile still work? If someone says yes, we should get this into the source tree asap :)
--- End quote ---

Don't know, the only thing i did was add a #define, bKtHeG did the hard work by making it compile on his machine.

And i can't test it on windows, i deleted it :ha:

--- Quote ---What version of SCP is bk's build based on? [/B]
--- End quote ---

It says v3.5.5... Forget i asked for them sources ;) I'll install CVS on my machine, and download the whole thing from you guys, if that's possible

Got my intrest in coding back :D



- Basic sound support (no speech in missionbriefing)
- Using last cvs version
- Some smaller changes/fixes (including the opengl fix)

- Joystick support (seams to work)
- Inferno mod (always crashes)
- normal game (quiet unstable - but playable)

How to build it (with sound):
(recommended: last stable gcc release (3.3.1))

--- Code: ---
./configure --disable-networking

--- End code ---

How to get 1024x768:

--- Code: ---
VideocardFs2open=OpenGL - Primary Display Driver(1024 x 768)
Videocard=OpenGL - Primary Display Driver(1024 x 768)

--- End code ---

(notice the space between the "1024", "x" and "768" - if you already launched fs2_open remember to edit fs2_open.ini in your home-directory)

In order to compile it you need the last (cvs) version of openal.


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