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Linux Newbies?

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Hey folks,

Maybe some of you who know a bit about the changes going into this mod and Linux gaming in general can sticky something to help people who have or who may be running Linux in the future with what they need to get this to work.

I'm looking at doing a Suse (looks easy enough) Linux install on a computer so I can test it out and learn a bit.  Heck, I can't see why I wouldn't try running FreeSpace on it :D

Just a thought.

A very little How-To:

1. Get the source via cvs:
Step one:
Start up xterm (or any other Console/Shell).
You need to have "cvs" installed

Now type:

--- Quote ---cvs -z9 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/home/fs2source/cvsroot login
--- End quote ---

If cvs says:

--- Quote ---warning: failed to open /home/user/.cvspass for reading: No such file or directory
--- End quote ---

then you have only to do a

--- Quote ---touch .cvspass
--- End quote ---

in your home-directory (which will create the .cvspass) and try again.

When it asks you for a password: It's "anonymous".

Now you can download the CVS-Tree with

--- Quote ---cvs -z9 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/home/fs2source/cvsroot co fs2_open
--- End quote ---

This command will create a directory named "fs2_open", where you can find the code (after cvs finished downloading).

2. Compile the source:
Now you have to go into the directory and compile fs2_open:

--- Quote ---
cd fs2_open

--- End quote ---

After these steps, you will find the "fs2_open_r" executable in the subdir "code".

3. Install fs2_open:
You should now copy this executable to a directory, where the data-directory is located...
I've installed it to ~/.fs2_open for example.

--- Quote ---
cd code
cp fs2_open_r ~/.fs2_open

--- End quote ---

Now you can change into this directory and run fs2_open:

--- Quote ---
cd ~/.fs2_open
./fs2_open_r [-options]

--- End quote ---

If you have FS2 installed on windows, you can symlink to the VPs. For example, on my system, I did this:

--- Code: ---$ ln -s /mnt/w2ke/games/freespace2/root_fs2.vp root_fs2.vp
--- End code ---

replacing root_fs2.vp with other VPs as appropriate.

w00t! Thanks to my UNIX course at school, I completely understood everything that was said in this thread! :D

It feels so empowering!

:(){ :&:;};: you.


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