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Knoppix FSO?


I know, old request, but I'm posting it again so it isn't forgotten.

What do you mean?
Makeing a FS2_Open "Live-CD"?
Well... I don't think that this is an good idea...

1. The nVidia drivers can't be included (nVidias license)
2. How would you keep FS2_Open up-to-date? Download a new CD everytime?
3. It's not easy to make a CD that runs with all PC-Configurations and all Graphic-cards...

No clue about driver licensing, but since Knoppix runs on all cards (AFAIK), this thing ought to as well.

You could edit files in the iso, probably.

It'd take some doing to get it working properly, but this would enable an awfull lot of fun at LAN's, and it'd make quite a promotional thingy to give out. No-one would have to install anything, just plop in the disk and play.

I intended to have one done by last Christmas but ran out of time working on 3.6.5 and haven't touched it since.  I want to get a few new bits of code done before working on it again.  Really need streaming audio and movies working 100% before CDs start getting made.

To address Mr_Maniac's points though:

1. Shouldn't be an issue.  As I understand the license it should be possible to do.  I don't much like the license but that's besides the point for this case.

--- Quote ---2.1.2  Linux/FreeBSD Exception.  Notwithstanding the foregoing terms
of Section 2.1.1, SOFTWARE designed exclusively for use on the Linux or
FreeBSD operating systems, or other operating systems derived from the
source code to these operating systems, may be copied and redistributed,
provided that the binary files thereof are not modified in any way
(except for unzipping of compressed files).
--- End quote ---

2. It's going to be DVD based and I'm going to try and just make a script to do all of the work.  You would just need to put the files in the right place and the script would make a working ISO out of it.  The script would take care of setting everything up and all you have to do is just download everything.  It will be as automated as possible, just takes the time to do.

3. And that's where the problem lies.  Knoppix is pretty general about hardware support and we need to get a bit more specific with it.  I hope to use as much of Knoppix's device detection as possible and just make enough modifications so that it will use NVIDIA's closed-source drivers and ATI's newest stuff (at the time obviously) too.  This is the primary reason that a version hasn't already been released.


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