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Hi, folks !
I have to congratulate with taylor for the amazing work. I've just built the new cvs version and I'll try to contribute to the testing phase.

I'm only a little confused about movies.. Somewhere I read that the movie code just has crackling audio but I can't make it work.

Is the linux version already able to show movies ?
What kind of movies do I have to use ( avi or mve ) ?
Where do I have to put them ?

MVE=Illegal to use in FSO, due to licensing.
The current AVI code is dependent on windows media player.
There is no windows media player for Linux.

Please, correct me if I'm wrong.


--- Quote ---Originally posted by kasperl
MVE=Illegal to use in FSO, due to licensing.
--- End quote ---
Not true; AFAIK the license only prevents people from creating MVE movies.

I believe it depends on *how* the MVE decoder is written.

I would guess that AVI will almost certainly be supported...I'm not sure what taylor plans on using to play movies, maybe xine or something. (xine is the only video-playing library I know of for Linux :p)

I looked briefly at xine but it doesn't seem capable of being easily used in a game engine without serious work.  For now I'm not going to support AVI, period.  MPG but not AVI.  AVI has way too many codecs to deal with and there are too many platform issues involved with the decoders.  Even if it was supported you would have some movies that don't work on some platforms and I don't want to deal with the complaining from that.  avifile is another one I looked at but again, it's designed to be used with a standard frontend relying on X or some other system/interface specific calls for doing video and input and audio.  I don't want to do something like that since there is too big of a chance of it interferring with SDL or OpenAL stuff on many systems.  That would get dirty and be too much like the current mediaplayer stuff (which I don't like btw).

SMPEG for the MPG support should handle things nicely, assuming that anyone ever releases MPG movies instead of AVIs.  Plus, whatever comes in the near future for the standard movies.


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