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Some bugs:

- Ships still have the texture error. :(

I should have the latest IA32 NVIDIA drivers, and according to apt, I have the latest versions of every package. I've tried with command lines and without command lines, with mVPs and without.

- CTD while trying to load a mission with a cutscene. (I'm not sure if the cutscene is the cause; I've found a site on gdb, haven't taken the time to read it yet.)
- Whenever FS2 crashes, it has the bad habit to greedily cling to the mouse input; thus, I can't move or click the mouse until I've logged out or killed the X server.

I too have this texture error...
At least since a few builds...
CDTs are seldom under my linux-build...

The texture error is gone for me so it's a little hard to track down.  You listed certain ships that do it WMC so what do those have in common?  I know you said that you tried with and without cmdlines (and you don't have anything in ~/.fs2_open/data/cmdline.cfg right?) but does various combinations of -spec, -glow, -env, make the problem better or worse? I know -env doesn't work but it may be trying by mistake.  Also what textures do those ships have, DDS/TGA/PCX, etc.  Might want to trade up or down and see if it's just some particular format that's causing the problem.  Also what is your VideocardFs2open in the ini file?

NVIDIA drivers and MesaGL conflict with each other so if glxinfo doesn't say that it's NVIDIA in the vendor string the you may have to reinstall the NVIDIA drivers to make sure everything gets in the right place.

For the crashing and mouse grabbing thing, if you run in a window then use the -nograb cmdline option.  This prevents it from grabbing the mouse and keyboard exclusively but it always grabs if you run the game fullscreen.  You can swap back between fullscreen and windowed with ALT-ENTER though and it should switch between grab and nograb correctly.  Another thing you can do, since it's helpful for game developers is add this to your X config file:
--- Code: ---Section "ServerFlags"
    Option "AllowDeactivateGrabs" "true"
--- End code ---
You may already have a ServerFlags section though and if so then just add the Option there.  When this is set you can CTRL+ALT+KeyPad-/ and it will release keyboard and mouse from any program that grabs it.  That's something I tend to make heavy use of during debugging sessions.  You can also use which will make sure the mouse gets released if a program crashes and the mouse vanishes or is otherwise frozen.


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