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I am one of the silent Freespace content gourmets since the very beginning, I felt guilty enough and finally took up my duty to tell the creators how great they are.
It is kind of cheap to just be a consuming phantom.. well the great majority of the players seems to be.

I can only second what so many said. The best story, no actually the best overall sci fi experience on PC. Everything just clicks, story, music, innovative mission design, cool models.

Thanks to the last few posts I figured out that Battuta is responsible for the story and is even a publishing author by now. I will get his Baru Cormorant books, he seems on a good way to be the next George R. R. Martin... his stuff is just really well thought through.

I am replaying War in Heaven at the moment, but cannot wait to try Solaris next. I finally got a great gamepad with adjustable length sticks... now Freespace plays almost as well as in the 90s with long boeder thumb joysticks.

War in Heaven is not just Battuta though, esp. Darius but also Dilmah and The E (and probably a few others, sorry!) worked on the story.

That being said, the Baru Cormerant books are some of the best fiction I've read, period, so I highly recommend them to everyone.

Had a dream the new campaign had a mission where the tevs had a new supergiant elint carrier that was so powerful it could shut down any assets that could get near it. After the war it would break the back of earth by turning that same broadcasting on earth's electronics, making sure the only thing anyone could see or hear was tev propaganda. Your job was to rescue paralyzed units before the tev mopup teams blew them up, doing a new kind of "assemble a strike package" (of course you can't save all of them and have to hear their panicked screams as the hunters get closer). Eventually NAGARI says "well akshually..." and pulls you out.

The next mission briefing tells you that the gestalt fedayeen person was gonna exfiltrate to the colonies to do the Bosch thing and start a third Shivan incursion to force the tevs to pull their assets out. Your exfiltration was accomplished by ambushing a tev hospital ship, killing everyone on board and passing through the gate disguised as wounded soldiers returning home. Lots of moral agonizing but Laporte ultimately decided she could live with it. Was an ironic echo of the first WiH mission where you defend a civilian convoy.

Then I woke up.


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