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It Works!!

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This may not sound like much, but I got a build of FS2 where the support ship repairs you're hull strength at a rate of about 1% per second.  If anyone wants this thing, PM me.

Cool, I need to try messing around with some of that stuff. :D

What VC++ settings are you using? First time thru I got several hundred link errors, so I must have some pathing going on it doesn't like or built the bloody thing in the wrong order.

NM, I am an idiot. I batch built and it didn't have code.lib compiled :)

Good! But you should make it optional, so that support ships don't always repair hull. Too bad I can do nothing with that source code.

Given enough 'tinkering' you could probably put in a sexp or ship tag to decide wether it repairs you or not.


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