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RELEASE: Twisted Infinities

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Act 1 was 95% done, so there are not many changes.

mission one unbeateble repair wont dock do its broken

What our valued colleague wants to express here is that new Aeolus model from the MVPs does not have the docking point required in Mission 1. As a result the mission cannot be completed.

Spoiler:The issue is with the initial orders of the Hephaestos, which call for it to dock with the Advocate at "OrestesDock". The model that comes with TI has it, but the current MVP ones does not - as the current MVP one is used, the dock order cannot be executed and the Hephaestos just hangs there.

untested missions

Attached you will find a homebrew fix for Mission 1. Goes into TI's data/tables and restores the use of TI's own Aeolus model.

EDIT: As the official fix is rolling out my homebrew fix has been retired to avoid confusion.


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