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Looking for list of changes for MC2 Mods
Hi, I'm looking for a list of changes by MC2 mods, particularly Magic's Omnitech and Wolfman-x's MC2X, over the vanilla game.

How is the mod different from the vanilla MC2 game, in terms of gameplay mechanics? For example, I discovered from reading this forum that MCO removed the specialty skills (PPC-specialist, Sharpshooter etc). That is a drastic change from the vanilla game.

Has MC2X also removed specialty skills? Where can I find a list of changes each mod has compared to the vanilla game?

Thank you

Re: Looking for list of changes for MC2 Mods
I know that magic kept a list of all the changes in MCO. I had one for some time but gave up on it a few years ago. The changes are just too many in all areas. 


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Re: Looking for list of changes for MC2 Mods
There is a list on 26 (A4) pages...

Here are some:
- High resolution up to 1920x1200,
- AI will auto select target, range and tactic based on its active weapons.
- Weapons stats changed to be closer to MCG.
- Components inventory is back, just like in old MCG.
- No more unlimited purchase.
- Mission is too difficult and you have a lot of cbills, no problem, buy additional drop weight (5t - 10000cb), as much as you can afford.
- Component purchase. New component purchase screen.
- Sensor and jumping skills added to pilots like in mcg.
- All MC2 specialty skills are obsolete. Pilots can get new skills if they e.g. drive light mech - get exp for light mechs (adds evasion when piloting light mech), use energy weapons - get exp for energy weapons (higher chance to hit). No magic wand for making pilots specialists for something they never used.
- Formation key is "K", press to cycle through formations.
- Mouse wheel incorporated in all MCO list boxes
- Repir Bay is not destroyed when empty - can be recharged.
- Repair truck can be deployed only once from support. Guard it well... Can be recharged with RPs.
- Indirect fire weapons can fire if target is in range (no need for LOS),
- Ammo, ECM and Probe activated in logistics
- ALL weapons have minWeaponRange and maxWaeponRange.
- ECM effect - ALL mechs under friendly ECM range are invisible for sensors (ECM umbrella).
- Mechs are not auto-repaired after mission - damage transfer for armor and int. structure between logistics and mission.
- Number of kills is now visible in force group bar.
- Player can select pilot for salvaged mech
- New Pilot Hire Screeen, hire additional pilots.
- Maintenance cost and pilot salary.
- Multiple drop zones - up to 3 drop zones
- player refit truck now auto repairs all players and friendly mechs within radius if idle and no enemies in range.
- all player units have auto-scan and auto-repair (will go to nearest repair bay in range) feature if not selected and no enemies near by...
- in mission component salvage - MCG stile.
- new mission GUI.
- weapon shots wont go through terrain or buildings any more (no 100% hit), if target get into cover before it is hit, missiles or weapon projectiles will hit terrain objects or buildings in their way.
- ...

And many more.

Editor is heavily modified (fixed and changed)...

Over 100 new mech models.
Over 30 new vehicle models.


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