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1st, I know VR has been touched on here and there, so I apologize in advance... However, has anyone started looking into a possible port to convert FS2 open to an Oculus VR App?  This is straight virgin territory.  Not to mention some of the full immersive rigs they have now.  Thoughts?  What would it take? What support is needed? Thank you all in advance for considering the possibilities....

The short version is unfortunately the same as it ever was.

It requires atleast one person who

* has the time and energy
* understands the graphics code
* has a vr set
* understands VR coding
Unfortunately, due to the volunteer nature of the project, having such a person is hard to come by.

VR prices are coming down... The big @$$ rigs still come with a big @$$ price.... However, I imagine soon... It is possible to explore.... However, excellent points, and thank you for responding!

Colonol Dekker:
I've got an oculus quest 2, but it's not a developer rig, and I can't code, don't want to code. 

Patiently waiting though.

Converting FSO to use VR would not be a small task.  The entire graphics pipeline is set up with the assumption that things are rendered once per frame.  To enable VR, not only would it be necessary to render twice per frame, but the renders would have to be from two slightly different perspectives.


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