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*Last Updated 27 June 2005
TAP is looking for new members to fill its ranks.

Anyone who has some knowledge in the following areas are welcome:
[size=+1]Most Wanted Jobs:[/size]
[*]SCP quality High Polygon Modeller
[*]Texture Creation / Editing / Polishing
[*]Animated Effects artist
[*]Media Artist, Creation / Editing of Video's
[*]Story Writers, Main Plot development / feedback, Fiction Story writing

TAP is looking for motivated and talented people to help create a quality mod in their spare time.

If you think you have any of the above skills, or maybe something else that I havn't thought of then post here or pm me and we'll see what happens. :D

I'll gladly join as a storywriter. SCP is not one of my strong points, so I don't think I'll be much use in the matter.

But for writing plots and mission scripts, I'm up for it. :nod:

Excellent. :D

Check your PM's. :)

I would like to join as a FREDer. I might also be able to help with some concept art and things, maybe some voice acting too if you plan on having it.

You say you can do concept art, what type?
Do you have any examples?

You should have access to the internal soon along with nuclear1. :)


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