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The bold, the few, the Screenshots :)

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Now, there won't be many, they won't be often. I can't promise anything.
But when I get them. I'll post em here.

Anyway, while the build I was using still hadn't crashed I managed to grab one or two.

Here is a comparison between the original Homeworld replicated effect, and the new improved version.

Only comment on this is that the particles will definitly change.

Hopefully more soonish, this is more of a pre-emptive screeny thread at the moment.
More when I have them. :)

Oh and everything is always subject to change. :p

Looks like an effect well made. :yes:

The particle might even work with a slight color tweak.


That's what I call an effect!

Cool :yes:


I thought the old Homeworld version desperatly needed a revamp.

As for the particles, I'll probably change it to be a single animated one that looks like evaporating plasma or something along those lines. That was the closest looking plasma particle I could find that was already there. :)

Thanks for the good feedback guys. :)


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