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I'll be trying to make regular updates here concerning the mod as the website is still being developed. Plus who honestly reguarly checks the sites anyway?
We all know the action is in the forums. ;)

Feel free to post any questions etc in here. :)

*10 July 2005

In case you missed it, we dropped a few progress shots of some behind the scenes work in the public forums this week. There are some nice render's in there so jump into the forums and check it out!

As always we are still looking for talented modder's willing to help out. So if you've got some spare time and can work some Homeworld magic, contact us via the forums or email to show your interest.

We hope to update the website with some more content soon. Plans are to include all the past media we've posted before as well as release updates of particular items as we complete them.

Aside from media we also hope to provide some Homeworld 2 fiction to better prepare people for the mod's storyline. Feel free to contribute Homeworld 2 fiction in the forums if you think you've got something worth putting up. :)

Anyway, until next time,

~ Greg

*22 June 2005

You may notice some changes to the forum and site graphics over the next week. This is because one of our newest members 'Kurayami' is giving the TAP image an overhaul. We've also got a few more graphics under development for the site and TAP in general. Expect to see some exciting things filling the 'Media' section of the website in the coming weeks.

In other news, as well as the pretty new TAP graphics, expect to hear some original yet Homeworld'ish sound tracks pumping away as you hammer those Imperial and Vaygr scum back to the abyss. Already our new Head Musician '2FB' is working away at making some awsome new tunes for your playing pleasure. It is possible that we might put up some samples for download in the weeks to come, so keep your ears out for any updates.

With a few new members, and some renewed enthusiasm, TAP is starting to move along nicely. Expect to see some great things from TAP in the future as long as we have your continued support and interest. Also don't forget we are still recruiting, we are in need of some Hi-Poly modeller's especially, so if you've got the skills drop us a line in the forums.

Until next week,

~ Greg

*21 June 2005

With a big effort from Skippy and a little nagging from me, we managed to fix and tweak the website. Kudos to Ashrak for designing it, and Skippy for editing / tweaking it.

Along with the fixes, comes updates to the 'Staff' and 'About' pages. You might also notice the new Media section, which hints at things to come. More details and new 'media' are planned for release soon.

I endeavored to give a mention to everyone who's contributed to the project on the 'Staff' page. If I missed out on anyone, make sure to let me know.

The 'About' page should also be a little more helpful to people as it gives a better description and answers a few more questions than previously. Any suggestions for information to be added to the page should be posted in here.

So without further ado, check out the new(ish) website. :)

Hope you enjoy it!

~ Greg

*15 June 2005

Alot of effects will be updated to suit new Weapon Systems for balance. Some of the above effects will probably change before seeing the light of the public.

The reason why so few images of the ships or anything else have been released lately is because you can see the equivalent of what they'd look like on any Homeworld 2 site. To solve this problem and to better be up to date with the latest SCP quality, the ships and effects are undergoing an overhaul. Which invloves alot of work from a small team.

For example the textures from Homeworld2 for the fighters are only 256x256 in size, so bumping them up to 1024x1024 will make for some more SCP quality ships. While we're at it, why not make some high poly versions to go with. ;)

As with most projects these days, we are severely lacking in Hi-Poly Modeller's, Texture Wrappers and Artists, so if you can help definitly PM me or post in the Recruitment thread.

The story is also undergoing a massive revamp, and thanks to the fantastic writing skills of Jal-18 and combined efforts of the rest of the team you can expect that TAP will have a high quality story line to go with the high quality SCP graphics. :)

I've also been sniffing around for some good music composers, as TAP will need some awsome music to drive home the story. If you have the skills or know of somebody, let me know!

Finally, help has been scarce lately, but rest assured that TAP will be the last mod project to die. When it does finally come out you can expect the highest quality and best effort from everyone involved.

See you around,

~ Greg

Good to hear - keep up the good work! :)

Front page. :nod:

Col. Fishguts: lives, it lives!

But still no screenshots ?
C'mon where's the fun if you don't post WIP pictures to which all us fanboiz can scream "YAY!" and "OH NOES, YOU MADE IT ALL WRONG!!!!111.... U SUXXX0RZ!!11" ;)

The guys have been putting alot of planning into the story etc. I've been trying to get my head around the whole conversion process but have been busy with college and what not.


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