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It's me again!
The TAP staff is proud to present the new Hyperspace jump for TAP! Yes, the following vieo was posted 4 months ago. But hey, now that I announced it, I hope it draws more attention to you all that we are still alive and going!

Still need some refining and tuning, we know. So don't coe bugging us for it :P

EDIT: GOD! YouTube removed the video! Arghhh.... :hopping: :mad: :mad2:
EDIT2: they put it back. Wonder what that was for.... :doubt:

nubbles526: is very complicated. All I can say is that it involves the tweaking of a .tbl. All other info, I am banned from saying out loud :P

very nais.

IIRC, it is a mix of the BTRL warpin and the basic warpin... nubbles, do you have a higher res version of that one?

Not bad, but given what I remember from playing the three Homeworld games recently, the borders are sharp enough, but the interior should sort of look like it has large ripples across it. Almost like water. In that video, it looks like static, not ripples. I'll try to get you folks some screens from Homeworld: Cataclysm, since it's the one I've played most recently.


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