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Known Drivers to avoid.

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The E:
In this thread, we will provide information about which GPU driver versions to avoid. Rules for posting are:

1. Always state what GPU you are using
2. Describe the issues encountered.
3. If there's a workaround, describe it.

Note that not every card/driver combo may be buggy, so stating which specific card you're using is a good idea.

That being said, let's get started.


AMD Catalyst 12.6: Does not use clip planes correctly (Meaning, duplicated models when ships blow up, ships do not disappear when travelling through a warp)


AMD Catalyst 11.5: Shows apparently random slowdowns. Confirmed on Radeon Mobile 5470, Crossfire'd 4870, 6850. Can be fixed by placing the atioglxx.dll from 11.4 in the FS2 directory.

AMD 4xxx Series cards: Post 10.9, OpenGL shader creation has issues. Use the Appropriate file for your OS.


AMD 4890: Periodic BSODs with Catalyst 11.10. Can be fixed by placing the atioglxx.dll from 11.4 in the FS2 directory.


Thanks to Fury, we now have a repository of atioglxx dlls. You can find them here.

--- Quote from: Fury ---1. Download atioglxx.7z of your choice.
2. Extract contents of atioglxx.7z to your FreeSpace2 folder. Eg. C:\Games\FreeSpace2.

Can't open 7z? Get 7-Zip from
--- End quote ---

The E:
Driver dll repo added.

nVidia Post

8xxx Series Cards (Especially 8600->8200, but also includes 8800GT): driver versions- 257.21, 258.69 & 260.89.
Drivers of the above revisions do not appropriately handle the FSO OpenGL lighting syntax used in the shaders.

Update: 275.33 has installation issues on many systems. Performance on 8xxx series cards (if you can get them to install) is degraded versus 260.99.

Is there a reason why nvoglnt.dll from olders drivers can't be used similarly to atioglxx.dll?


Cause nVidia doesn't roll that way?


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