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[Links] ATI/Radeon/AMD Graphics support stuff


[Support Links]

Support & Drivers / Graphics Drivers & Software / AMD APU and Radeon™ Graphics Drivers / CPU Specifications / FX CPU Specifications

AMD CrossFire Compatibility Chart: GPUs/Chipset combos

Product Resource Center

AMD Catalyst Uninstall Utility. Article Number: GPU-601

Display Driver Uninstaller / Download



CrossFire: how to make it work for FSO OpenGL on Windows


[Low Level and Programming Support]

Developer Guides, Manuals & ISA Documents
An AMD initiative designed to enable developers to create ground-breaking PC games, computer generated imagery and GPU computing applications for great performance and lifelike experiences using no cost and open development tools and software


Update Notes: Added low level and programming resources

The E:
The GPU Shader Analyzer is not useful for the vast majority of people. Even for developers, its utility is rather small.

Np, deleted & replaced with something more useful.

Thx for the Sticky :)


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