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@Nemesis: could it be that you are using an outdated fsport? i'm pretty sure the latest release uses "-" instand of "_" by default, but i might be wrong

@Solatar: I was planning to use that starfield as a standard for my campaign revamps, but as i'm not completely happy with it i will probably use a better and less characteristic one in the future
but i felt it is good enough to spice up the rather empty backrounds in those two campaigns a bit

@Macfie: Guess i really should have removed the unused models, and ooops for the settings file, that one was an oversight

I remember playing both of these campaigns. Great classics!

Just wondering, how do we know which campaigns FSCRP is updating currently? I feel like if I had known that some campaigns were going to be released, I'd give voice acting a try as long as it didn't delay the release.

pandoras box has been lying around in a near finished state for ages, and the two campaings in here i did spontanously and took no longer than 2 days to restore
currently i am doing final balancing on lightning marshal - i don't think there are plans in the project to work on any further campaigns right now - if some get started any help with voice acting would of course be great  :nod:


--- Quote from: Nemesis6 on January 04, 2013, 03:10:25 am ---Minor gripe -- The mod.ini links Fsport-mediavps. It should be Fsport_mediavps.
--- End quote ---
This is incorrect.  The correct name is fsport-mediavps, as it has always been.  Unfortunately, this is one typo that has propagated far more widely, and lasted much longer, than it should have.

There's a good reason for why the typo has propagated as widely and as long as it did.
At a certain point in time the launcher would choke on hyphens in mod paths as it would believe they were command line flags, and using fsport_mediavps would actually fix the problem.


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