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If you've ever wondered how Axem FREDs, just watch the video! It's about an hour compressed into 5 minutes of FREDding and playtesting to get a bunch of questions working with the prompt box script. So minor spoilers abound!

I had a large sense of dread that everything was going to go haywire on the first test, so I was quite happy that it worked so well and managed to get it 90% done in only 6 playtests! (The last 10% was boring refining and tuning that's even more boring than what you see here)

Maybe if I've got a future mission sufficiently planned, I'll do one from bare bones to "mostly done".

oh damn, massive sexps.

btw, Copy/Paste in fred2..

share your secret oh mister Axem, as you did with mighty spacebar!

Spoiler:The video isn't sped up. Axem really does FRED an hour's work in 5 minutes.

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I just saw that long line of text which made little sense to me and blacked out, when I woke up again it was all over! (awsom vidya bah teh wuy :p)


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