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This is sounding more complicated than I had anticipated.  How essential are the expanded FOV's to the missions and which models are affected?  I don't have a modeler to work with so remodeling is not an option.  How far did you get on your update?  I have a working version of PI that uses new models but is using the stock models from the Mediavps.  I haven't noticed any problems yet as I'm playing through. 

I designed the update to work with FSO 3.7 and the 3.6.12 MVPs. The only reason I didn't release it back then was that the 3.6.14 MVPs were coming out soon, and I wanted to update it further for them as well. At this point, we only need to account for any changes from 3.6.12 to 3.6.14.

The default FOVs could cause subtle changes to mission balance, since the ships may not fire at targets like they're supposed to. I would keep the new FOVs. There are also a few models with new dockpoints or other properties that are needed in some missions.

I don't think this is too hard to deal with. The PIadv.vp file is supposed to have replacement versions of the media VP models, and we just need to add in any new models that the 3.6.14 MVPs have introduced. I kept notes of which models I changed and what the adjustments were:

--- Quote ---capital2v-01
turret03: 220
turret19: 180
turret29: 180
center point: 0, 5, 517

turret09: 180
turret11: 180
turret13: 180
turret14: 180

all 16 turrets: 180

turret01: 200
turret04: 200
turret05: 200
turret06: 200

mass: 5774308864.00000

awacs2t-01b, miner2t-01b, transport2t-01b, freighter02
new dockpoints
--- End quote ---

Among these, I have already made the necessary changes to bomb2t-01, capital2t-01, capital2v-01, corvette2v-01 and cruiser2v-01. The other models did not have HTL versions in the 3.6.12 MVPs. I'm not sure if that's still the case with the 3.6.14 MVPs.

Well, you got me motivated to finally do this. :p I finished making it compatible with the 2014 MVPs. The main work involved was to revert any gameplay-related parameters the MVPs changed (usually turret FOVs and strengths) and account for name changes within the PI tables. I would like to have it tested once before I release it though, so if you or someone else could do a playthrough with my update, that would be very helpful.

The only thing left now is to put in any new HTL models for the custom ships. I'm not sure how far it's worth going with that. The Reshef and Cheops are used but only make side appearances, while the Saturn and Akrotiri would benefit a lot from the HTL versions but would need retexturing and a fair amount of playtesting. Some other things like the PCA elite fighters have HTL versions but probably aren't worth the trouble to retexture and replace.

Also, I noticed that all the FSMods links are dead, including the ones on the PI website. Is that site still operational? I've been out of the loop with the FS modding scene for a while.

FSmods is sorta iffy.  I've had problems getting things uploaded so I've been using Mod db and gamefront.  I tried the other day to download the PI 1.04 version but the link was dead.  I have an HTL model for the Reshef.  The Vasudan Awacs, the transport and the freighters all have new models in the 2014 media VPS.  Also there are new models for the Kato the Zakros and the Akrotiri from the ASW campaign that I was going to use.

Did you guys consider replacing Ancient Corvette from PI to ACv Mochlos from ASW2? I know this is not exactly upgrade, but HTL of the Phaistos used in PI was never made and it would look ugly compared to the new ancient fighters and Akrotiri.


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