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This was the original JAD2.21 release post, but now its a general discussion thread!

Please post your thoughts about the campaigns, as well as silly suggestions, bug reports and one true pairings.

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Just Another Day is a series of parody campaigns based on FreeSpace and other related Sci-Fi concepts. Just Another Day 1, 2 and 3 feature the unfazeable Alpha 1 and FRED, god of this universe as they fight for truth, justice and the proper way campaigns should be made. These campaigns can be played here!

The Just Another Day 2.2 Series takes place after JAD2, when FRED gets cast into another dimension due to events that transpired there! Without FRED, the Just Another Day Reference Bible is up for grabs, and the poor souls who Beta Tested the series want it for themselves.

Only one girl can save the universe from these suddenly appearing demigods, mysterious shadowy councils and internet in-jokes. And that girl is... 19th century English Computer Programmer Forerunner, Augusta Ada Lovelace! Or some ditz named Holley. Whoever's available.

It's a weird world full of references from other FreeSpace campaigns, anime and anything else that happened across my bizarre mind. So I invite you to help Holley and her friends make the most of an exciting adventure to save their universe and, if they have time, find true love.

This is part 1 of probably 3 parts. Here Holley learns what it means to be a hero, why you should make friends, and why carrot cake is so delicious.

If you've played an earlier LEAKED BETA version before, there have been some changes to this new version. Here's a few new things that changed between then and now:

* Updated graphics (skyboxes, beams, models, mainhalls)
* Full color head anis featuring original art for the main characters (hand crafted by Spoon)
* Interactive campaign map
* Refined certain gameplay feature such as the Recettear store
* Journal Screen with some bonus stories after the main campaign is finished
* Added "Visual Novel" scenes for a few missions
* Slightly altered gameplay/balance for a few bosses
* Subtly edited text featuring 15% more laughs
Specific Weapon Changes (mostly affects JAD:XA at the moment)

* Ahketon Leech - Subsystem damage increased
* Starlance - Damage Increased, Power Consumption increased
* Rockeye MMM - Now only fires a swarm of 25 (instead of 100 (though JAD:XA had it at 25 as well)), fire wait is now just 6s (from 15s), damage is reduced by half
* Africanized Hornet - Now half of the child hornets will inherit the parent target, the other half still look for things to sting. Firewait increased, damage slightly increased as well
* Twisterado - Damage radius increased, blast force increased.

Required Build:
3.7.2 Final ONLY
Nightly builds post-3.7.2 will not work (yet). Sorry for the inconvenience!

Other Requirements:
2014 MediaVPs
(Due to other mods I use, cockpit mods will probably not work correctly)

Use the FSO Installer! (Much ease. Very one-click.)
Advanced users can download the archive here. Just throw the contents in a folder called /JAD2-2/.

If you have an existing installation, I would recommend you delete the old one first! Please make sure jad2-21-core.vp, jad2-21-missions.vp, and 1_jad2-21-ova1.vp are gone. The installer should remove those for you, but check anyway!

Also Xtreme Arcade now uses JAD2.21 as a parent mod, so you can go back and forth between JAD2.21 and JAD:XA without even needing to exit FreeSpace. You will need to re-download JAD:XA though, but it’s a lot smaller now!


Mission 2b:
Interactive Campaign Map:

Please let me know what you think! If you have any questions for me or for the nutcases that star in the campaign, feel free to ask!


Can't wait to try the new version out ;)

Message portraits in color?! What sort of times do we live in now?!?!

Holy ****, the campaign map is so ****ing cool! Its almost like playing a different game at times.

Oh Stars YES! YES!


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