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Official news thread. Any updates, annoucements and info related to the project will pe posted here.

Please, post any comments in Discussion thread :)

Flowers grow, lovers mate, politicians lie, beer end...

Wait, what? Why beer end?! This is one of the thing that should never happen! Meh, I wish I have a cure for that :P. But instead I have one for some other issue - lack of cool models. To be precise, I am the cure.
So I have something for you, guys. This time, not a warship. Meet the Pluto Gas Tanker!

Want some ship data? We're working on dedicated FSWiki section for Exile related content. For now you can get familiar with three of new ships from our modpack - Agneya, Solomon and Pluto!

And I can assure you, this is not everything that we have. Oh no :P

So it's gonna happen! Beta-testing are officialy started.

Into the Dark Waters is now in it's last and final stage of development before the release :D

It's been a while since the last big update.

After some time of inactivity, development of Exile is back at full speed. We decided to switch our narration style to more character-driven, including much more plot details in form of fiction viewer entries, introduce new characters and include much more focus on the other side of the conflict - Earth Federated Nations.

We also decided to rework some missions, change their style etc. Here is some mystery screenshot from completly rewritten M01 called The Eclipse:


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