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Just what is Just Another Day?

Just Another Day is a series of funny and silly little adventures for FreeSpace 2 Open that I hope you'll enjoy.

The makeup of JAD is a little convoluted, so bear with me.

Hidden Text: Click SHOW to learn more! • ShowThere's 2 main series of JAD. The completed original trilogy and the in progress JAD2.2 trilogy.

The original trilogy, Just Another Day, Just Another Day 2, and Just Another Day 3, star the Hero Of The Universe Alpha 1 as he saves the universe from a cranky and evil god manifested from the game's mission editor, FRED. Sounds like a weird premise? Don't worry, it only gets weirder from there. It's like FreeSpace meets Monty Python or FreeSpace meets Spaceballs. They are some of my first campaigns, but I think they've held up pretty well.

The new trilogy, Just Another Day 2.21, 2.22 and 2.23 is a whole different story...

After vanquishing FRED for a second time in JAD2, aforementioned Hero Of The Universe Alpha 1 himself disappears. Now without any heroes or gods to contain this crazy universe, FRED's demigod slaves, the Beta Testers, want FRED's power for themselves. All that stands before them are a bunch of overconfident teenagers with massively overpowered spaceships.

You've got Holley, the loud-mouthed smart aleck; Delta 1, the pilot extraordinaire with a glass ego; and Epsilon 1, the... some guy. Those three somehow find a way to stop bickering with each other long enough to save the universe.

All rules are thrown out the window, and the brakes fell off 11 parsecs ago. A radically transformed mission structure lets you enjoy a beautifully illustrated visual-novel type story to set up the insane and bizarre space sim gameplay. You'll hardly believe some of the things you'll be asked to do! From defeating a multitude of bosses with specific weak points, to buying 10,000 credits worth of tacos, to going on dates with suddenly appearing girls, to eventually exposing conspiracies and finding true power of friendship, determination, and love.

And you will bake cakes.

Even if you're not a fan of anime, I still think you would have fun with JAD2.2. It's just the sort of thing to brighten anyone's day. You don't need to have watched a bunch of anime to get the jokes (but it certainly helps).
I want to download Just Another Day!

Grab it on Knossos, the new next generation downloader/launcher!

And be sure to use Knossos 0.14 RC2 (this link!) or later due to issues with older versions not seeing FSO 19.0 correctly!

Classic JAD:
Just Another Day 1-3

JAD 2.2 Series:
Just Another Day 2.21
Just Another Day 2.22
Just Another Day 2.23

NOTE: Each 2.2X release builds on the last ones, so you need JAD2.21 files for JAD2.22 and JAD2.21 and JAD2.22 files for JAD2.23!

Advanced Users Only Manual Install Instructions: Grab the files from the above links and more or less follow these instructions.

Hidden Text: Currently Released Episodes • ShowJust Another Day 1 + 2 + 3: Special Edition, Rereleased together September 18, 2010
Just Another Day 2.21: Released September 23, 2011, Last Updated January 21, 2017
Just Another Day 2.21 Original Very Awesome Mission Pack: Released March 31, 2012, now part of the main 2.21 release
Just Another Day 2.2 Xtreme Arcade: Released December 31, 2013, now part of the main 2.21 release
Just Another Day 2.22: Released February 22, 2017
Just Another Day 2.23: Released December 24, 2019

What order should I play Just Another Day in?

You've got a few options.

There's playing it by the release dates:
JAD1 -> JAD2 -> JAD3 -> JAD2.21 -> JAD2.22 -> JAD2.23

But if you are enamored by the high quality work recently showcased here, you could just play JAD2.2 alone. There's not a lot of overlap between the two series, you can probably fill in the missing "plot" yourself.
JAD2.21 -> JAD2.22 -> JAD2.23

If you're really in it for the long haul, you could play it chronologically:
JAD1 -> JAD2 -> JAD2.21 -> JAD2.22 -> JAD2.23 -> JAD3

Hidden Text: Other Releases • ShowJust Another Day 2.2: Xtreme Arcade is add-on that's just for quick arcade like battles.
Just Another Day 2.2: Original Very Awesome Mission/Preview packs are tiny in-between releases to keep the populace happy. They eventually get integrated into the main releases, so don't worry if they suddenly vanish.

If you play JAD in one long sitting, the game may... crash. So if headanis stop loading or errors pop up about fileExists or missing masks, don't panic. Just restart the game. Or just take plenty of breaks! (You should be able to do a full in-game episode arc without any problems)

Special Mega Shoutouts

My Main Men
Spoon - For all that unpaid testing, feedback, and amazing character art that puts paid games to shame
Niffiwan - For all the coding and features that let my wild and crazy ideas take shape

My BP Bros
General Battuta - For being a really cool inspirational guy with amazing stories, both fake and true
Darius - For having a rad philosophy for everything

My Other Bruhs
Redsniper - For having the second best taste in anime
Hades - For watching all 500 episodes of Naruto in 1 day P.S. Anime is my favorite Star Citizen
DahBlount - For being an ubernerd
Mjn.Mixael - For all those free graphics, even the ones you still owe me
All SCP Coders - For all the great new features

Other Community Assets by
Aesaar, Aldo, Ancient Shivan War Team, Axem
bobbtman, BlackWolf, BrotherByron, c914
Col. Fishguts, Dark, DahBlount, Ironclad Games, Kingdom Hearts
Luis Dias, Machina Terra Team, Mikhael, MjnMixael, Nico/Venom
peterv, Raa, Rga_Noris, StratComm, Raven2001
Vasudan Admiral, Volition, WeatherOp, Zacam

Various material used without permission from...
Hidden Text: ShowNeon Genesis Evangelion / Rebuild of Evangelion (Trademarked Color Schemes + Headanis + Music + Sounds)
His and Her Circumstances (Music)
Legend of Galactic Heroes (Headanis + Sounds)
Nodame Cantabile (Music)
Cromartie High School (Headanis)
Abba (Music)
Azumanga Daioh (Headanis)
Baccano (Headanis)
Battlestar Galactica  (Headanis)
Counterfeit Stay Night  (Headanis)
Crest of the Stars (Music)
Dark Souls (Sounds)
Dragonball Z (Headanis)
Earthbound (Music + Sounds)
FLCL (Music)
Gunbuster/Diebuster (Music)
Hard Gay (fuuuuuuu)
Kannagi (Music)
Pani Poni Dash (Music + Sounds)
Planetes (Music)
Reccetear (Headanis)
Sins of a Solar Empire (Skybox)
Sora no woto (Music)
Spongebob Squarepants (Headanis)
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan (Music)
The Internet (For too much)
The Sims 3 (Backgrounds)
Touhou (Music + Idiots)
Village People (Music)
Welcome to the NHK  (Headanis)
Wings of Dawn (Headanis + Weapons)
Working!! (Music)
Probably a lot more

UPDATE: January 21, 2017!

The Disclaimer/Warnings/Indemnification
Just Another Day loves to be edgy, so we use edgy dangerous bleeding edge builds. So to make things slightly easier on you, I have uploaded a hand crafted artisanal build on the installer that should work. If you are brave enough, you can also use nightly builds (warning Jan 21st 2017 nightly won't work!) Once 3.8 comes out, that should be cool too.

If you play JAD in one long sitting, the game may... Crash. If headanis stop loading or errors about fileExists, don't panic. Just restart the game. Or just take plenty of breaks! (You should be able to do a full in-game episode arc without any problems)

Flag recommendations
The new PBR stuff makes stuff a LOT brighter than before, so maybe try ambient factor around 60?
Also turn off 3d models for ships and weapons! You'll miss out on helpful gameplay info about them if you don't!

The Pretty Stuff
Amazing new intro movie, following in the tradition of anime parodies, and the primary source content, it's a Cruel Angel's Thesis parody. Thanks to m|m for adding ffmpeg support for maximum 1080p quality!
Totally redone character art by the amazing Spoon (also its all animated, so this is also why the mod is now about a gigabyte larger). Mega thanks to niffiwan for implementing apng support and setting up all the tricky scripting functions!
All out-of-mission exposition now handled through Visual Novel segments (instead of fiction viewer/command briefing/briefing). The briefings are handled this way too and are pretty cool
Action packed short outro preview video for JAD2.22 after the in game credits roll

The Gameplay
Ships slightly tweaked and rebalanced, I forget the specifics, just trust me on this one
Completely new and redone weapons! Equip things like the all-too-familiar Prometheus S2 or rampage around with the Tempest XL or wreck everything with the MegaDoom Torpedo!
Visible health bar HUD gauge added to the top of the central brackets. Player subsystems are now also invincible, because we're here to kick butt and chew bubblegum, not wait for comms to repair themselves!
Some missions have been adjusted for message timing or some dialog got moved to VN scenes.
'Fly Like You Want To Win' has been adjusted so the fight is longer. You've got more time to defeat the Beta Tester, but it does have more health. Overall the difficulty has decreased though.
Expanded items: grab items that slowly regenerate health or give you unlimited weapon energy, or just plain make you invincible! (Behind the scenes, items are more flexible for me to place or spawn)
Berserk System v2: This doesn't mean anything to you, but it makes things easier for me behind the scenes

The Extras
Entirely reskinned interface, everything is a lot brighter and easier to read now
New fonts to make things even easier to read!! (Thanks m|m!)
There are new optional 'slice of life'/'omake' VN scenes that unlock gradually as you complete missions
New deep 13-part lore into the 'worldbuilding' of JAD if you're into that (it's in the clubroom)

The Boring
An endless assortment of bugs introduced and fixed

Now completely integrated with the main mod (this will make it easier to add on to for new fighters in the future)
Hub has billboards to display things like ship and item stats and mission high scores
To go to a challenge, you now just fly through the billboard, just like in your Super Mario 64s
Also has that tricky bug fixed where fighters didn't spawn again for the credits after the Endless Gauntlet Bosses are defeated
In the Endless Gauntlet, on non-Insane difficulty, an Item Dispenser appears to give you free items to make things slightly easier

UPDATE: January 22, 2017!

* Fixed Delta 1 mentioning a weapon that doesn't exist anymore.
* Fixed Holley's shields suddenly vanishing in Queen Pirate Holley
* Modified the VN script so it scales up for people with resolutions above 1080p

UPDATE: February 22, 2017!

Just Another Day 2.21

* Visual Novel script had a big huge (and stupid) problem fixed that had been slowing down performance by a good degree (very fast now!)
* Harriet had a ribbon added to her hair (very important!)
* Other miscellaneous table fixes (very small!)
Just Another Day 2.22: You Can (Not) Be Serious is RELEASED!

Update: February 22, 2017

Just Another Day 2.22
Escape from High School:

* Talking to Delta 1 first no longer crashes other conversations
* Boanerges 57 removed (he or she will just need to get their own campaign)
...Get Revengeance

* Passphrase issues fixed when you replay the mission
Artificial Malevolence

* Added the Prometheus R to the starting weapons list of the campaign. A campaign restart may be required... or if you don't want to, cheat and give yourself a better weapon. I won't tell anyone. ;)


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