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I actually switched from 23.0.0-RC8 after encountering the Qetesh bug incase it had been fixed in a nightly, then continued to play with the nightly from that point on after discovering the problem persisted.

I'm wondering if it's something to do with using text-to-speech possibly knocking off a message timing? I'm going to try replaying that mission again with 23.0.0-RC8 to confirm.


Lol of course it's suddenly working.  :shaking:

Is this worth reporting in github considering it's occurring with a nightly?

Bugs are certainly worth reporting in github, especially if you have a test case.  Worst case scenario, the bug was already known and fixed and it'll just be closed.  A lot of bugs were fixed fairly recently.  It's also possible that it's a new bug that nobody else knows about yet.


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