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Iain Baker:
Hi everyone!

Now that we have updated the getting started threads with Knossos instructions (so newbies won't have a heart attack when they see the old wXLauncher instructions  :lol:) and I have completed the 'promotion via articles' cycle for the time being, i have turned my attention to the HLP YouTube Channel, with its one video  :p

Well now it has two! Achille44 has kindly created an up-to-date version of the 1999 vs now intro video which looks stunning. Here is the link :-)

NB - I may need to attribute the music. Can anyone provide the details (other than being the X-Factor music  :p)

I am still looking for banner art to take the place of the grey rectangle shown in the attached image. You can see in the second screen-grab that any image used for the channel art needs to be quite large - a 1080P screenshot will not work I'm afraid- I tried. If anyone can provide something that would be  great. A 4K-screen grab might work, nut my PC is not beastly enough to handle 4K (plus my 1080P TV/Monitor wouldn't display it anyway.)

If anyone is doing playthroughs, recording demos, cut scenes, weapons and graphics tests etc. that they would like featured on the channel please send through the files and I'll upload them :-)

There is one video in particular I am trying to find which I suspect one of you fine people created. It shows GTVA  cap ships fighting Shivans. Except the T&V blob turrets have been replaced with rapid firing pink anti-everything guns which look spectacular! Anyone know what it is called or can share a link? I would love to add it to the liked videos, or add it to the channel if someone has the original file.

My dinner is getting cold so I'm off to stuff my face :-)

Finally~ :)

Iain Baker:
...Those screen-grabs I mentioned and forgot to attach doh!

[attachment eaten by a Shivan]

They're not visible unless you're logged-in; you should put them somewhere (heh I'm the one to talk :D), but for such a PR-related thing I'd consider it necessary.


--- Quote from: Iain Baker on April 29, 2019, 10:37:48 am ---NB - I may need to attribute the music. Can anyone provide the details (other than being the X-Factor music  :p)

--- End quote ---

0:00 - 1:30 - I think that's the soundtrack from the original FS1 intro
1:38+: Artist: Two Steps from Hell; Title: Heart of Courage; Album: Legend


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