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I just finished the first mission and noticed that I can't use thrusters in glide mode. Is this a design choice or something to be fixed later? It seems like your mod is available on Knossos even though I saw a post saying your've taken it off there. Did you put it back or did someone else? I don't see a download link in the OP. Lastly, what is the +18 patch? Is it blood or nudity?

It's not a bug strictly speaking but if enough people ask about it I'll allow thruster use. I did reupload it very recently back onto Knossos but neglected to mention this in the development log.

As for the 18+ Patch, the idea was nudity, right now it just contains nothing, because that's a surprising amount of work to be done. It will contain more in the future though.

I personally would love to get thruster access in glide mode.

Development is going private for the time being. I will not be posting updates anymore for the forseeable future. Thank you for your understanding.

Colonol Dekker:
If it eases the burden I understand and support your decision.  We've all got only limited time :)


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