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Informal Fall 2020 Update

Given the launch of Star Wars Squadrons, we at Fate of the Galaxy wanted to let our forum readers know that development is still going strong, albeit even more under the radar then usual.

There's been lots of bugfixes but a few more interesting updates we've recently added are:

* Multiplayer testing is getting closer to launching into full gear thanks to all the work Taylor and Cyborg are doing with the main FSO multiplayer code. On our side we are readying some scripts to be multiplayer safe.
* Added new feature: increasing power to engines will now improve your ship's maneuverability and handling. Thus, it gives players more incentive to push power to engines and can be useful when trying to evade a fighter on your tail.
* Added new feature: 'Toggle Stationary Target Mode'. This mode turns off primary aim assist but increases your weapon recharge rates, thus allowing you to lay down a more prolonged stream of fire at a large ship target. Increasing power to weapons while this mode is on will also aid help. Thus, players can now use this additional strategy to aid their chances of more efficiently dealing with stationary targets. Note, this command replaces the 'Toggle Primary Aim Assist' command.
* Added new Techroom Mission: 'Practice Zone', which is similar in theme to the practice arena in Star Wars Squadrons. This mission allows the player to practice flying and combat in a low stress environment. The player can choose to fly any small craft, fly around all the existing FotG ships, and then also spawn in any of those craft as hostiles or friendlies to make quick battles. There's also a background and music soundtrack changer for extra exploration.
* Bonus: more work has also been done on Project Alderaan.

Overall, FotG development continues on under the radar, and we thank all of you for your continued interest!

For folks who want to see a bit more frequent FotG updates, feel free to join our Discord channel where we tend to post most of our informal updates and even some live gameplay streams (

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