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[FotG Update] Summer 2022


It's been a few months since our last official forum update, so all of us at Fate of the Galaxy want to share what we have been working on this spring (new ships, multiplayer tests/updates, fixes/optimizations, and more).

Progress Highlights

* Added finished N1 cockpit (thanks to Limbert for texturing the model!). With this cockpit complete now all current player ships flyable in campaigns have full cockpits.
* Added the Slave I, which expands our roster to now have even more ships from the Original Trilogy movies (thanks LionSGI for the original model and Dark Visor for the updated model and texture!). Also added Stock Firespray model, including color variants (thanks again to DarkVisor!).
* Added color variants and updated model to YT-1300 (thanks Galemp!).
* Updated FotG UI, scripts and missions to work with the most recent FSO multiplayer. We also just performed our two largest multiplayer tests to date, with 6 players spanning North America, South America, and Europe. This test was also our most successful multiplayer session and validates that multiplayer will viably work in Fate of the Galaxy.
* Updated UI to have a game check to ensure that unbound player keys will show a message to bind the keys (ensures that players will be able to get through missions that involve pressing key bindings without having to guess which keys to bind).
* Updated ship floodlights to now properly work on all player ships.
* Updated Asteroid Base model so that players can now fly into and out of a secret entrance tunnel. It’s also a great excuse to use ship floodlights. 
* Updated hyperspace effect to account for new FSO changes to how bitmap background angles are calculated. 
* Updated 'wing' briefing icons for ships that did not have them. This includes the ISD, Strike Cruiser, Dreadnaught, Liberty, Home One, Com and Defense Satellites, and XQ Stations. 
* Updated Project Alderaan with bug fixes and balance adjustments.
* Fixed many, many minor bugs, which would be much too long to list. 
Community Connections
We also would like to highlight all the fantastic work continually being done with FSO. In particular, Cyborg and Taylor have been working overtime to update the interpolation and standalone code for multiplayer, which have allowed us to test and validate FotG multiplayer capabilities. Also, there’s many other devs adding great fixes, features, and other enhancements!

Moving Forward
For folks who want to see a bit more frequent FotG updates, feel free to join our Discord channel where we post most of our informal progress:

As always, thank you all for your support and enthusiasm! We keep getting closer and closer to meeting our final milestones for a public release. Once those goals are met and polished, we will be extremely excited to share the game with everyone. In the meantime, here are some shots of new craft and new cockpit. May the Force be with you!

Final release this year? I really hope so...

While we do not have a hard deadline set since this is volunteer based, we are indeed checking off some large milestones needed for release  :)

Simply awesome  :eek2: Best screenshots ever seen! I really hope to try FotG any time soon on my PC as I have been tracking this project for years  :)

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm, all of us appreciate hearing that!


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