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Exile: Alternate History

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(Note:  I've sent the whole thing to Nyctaeus and he gave me permission to post this in the forum here.)

This is an alternate history I wrote of the Exile campaign.  It overall deals with some EFN personnel who decide to try and leave Sol ITTL (but didn't make it out in official Exile).  I didn't write it like a regular story completely, it's written kind of like a mission script as well (I wrote each segment as a "mission", there are 13 total).  Nyctaeus approved of this format.  I'll post one chapter/mission a week or so.


Background:  General Spruance decided to answer the call of Caliphtys/Leibniz to leave Earth and join Exodus Fleet.  He and a group of ships that decided to follow him are unfortunately behind schedule.  The command ship at present is the EFD Proteus, an old Orion ship that Earth had in a junkyard and was able to get moving.  They were fortunately able to find enough fighters and bombers (from other ships that didn’t make it) to fill the frigates they do have and the Proteus.

Ships of EFN Task Force Seven (that’s what I’ll call this new group even though there is an ORS ship present):
EFD Proteus (flagship) (Orion)
EFFg Lincoln (Vidar)
EFFg Wolf (Vidar)
EFFg Everest (Solomon)
EFFg Princeton (Solomon)
EFFg Luna (Solomon)
ORFg Lassel (Vitalius) (it joined with Sprunance’s group and agreed to serve under an EFN commander at least until they reached Exodus Fleet)
EFCs Borealis (modified Viscount)
EFCs London (modified Viscount)
EFC Trailblazer (Evangelist)
Various supply ships

(This first piece here is one of those conversations like you had in Exile before certain missions):

(Kevin) Blaine (TF7 XO):  Sir, do you ever wonder if we made a mistake?

Spruance:  About what, Lieutenant Commander?

Blaine:  Should we have stayed at Earth like EFN Command wanted?  Instead of listening to Caliphtys and Leibniz?

Spruance:  Then what?  Look, neither decision is a good one…how can anything really be good with most of the human race about to be wiped out?  I struggled with it, but if we would have stayed behind we would have died like most of the fleet and for nothing and have been forgotten.  I’m not afraid of long odds, but charging around a dozen juggernauts isn’t long odds…those are impossible odds.  We can’t save everything but let’s save what we can.

Blaine:  I suppose you’re right.  In that case, it’s a pity more didn’t listen to us.  It’s also a pity we couldn’t get going sooner, we’ll be behind the Moyses expedition.

Spruance:  It took time to organize things.  I called what ships I could and what squadrons I could so we could have a fighting chance jumping across the galaxy.

Blaine:  A fighting chance, General Spruance?  In this Orion?  The Proteus isn’t even one of those advanced refit Orions the ORS are using.  The Ironclad, for example.  We had to pull this ship out of the scrapyard so we’d even have a destroyer.  Other than the Redemption, we have no surviving Talos ships I’m aware of.  It’s a miracle we found the fighters and bombers we did.  We had to scavenge dead ships and depots here and there to get some of ours.  Along with the individual squadrons that left the fighting around Sol to join us.  There’s another problem sir…

Spruance:  What’s that?

Blaine:  We have more pilots than fighters and bombers, as you know.  We gathered the people we could and rescued survivors here and there and some of them were pilots.  Since an Orion can’t hold as many craft as a Talos that means we have more pilots than craft available.  With the Proteus being an older Orion model and not a modernized refit like the Syndicate Ironclad, it won’t be much in a fight.  It’s just a carrier rather than a destroyer.

Spruance:  Do you wish to stay behind?  I don’t want people second guessing our mission.  That would just get lots dead.

Blaine:  No sir, and I apologize if I seem too pessimistic.  I just wish things were better.

Spruance:  We all do, we all do.  At least we were able to complete the refits on our two Viscounts.  That can give us stealth ability in a certain area.

Blaine:  That’s true sir, although the stealth field and communications blackout technology they have, along with the Shivan IFF masking technology, isn’t perfect.  Tests show it can’t be used for a long period of time, and that’s when it works.

Spruance:  Don’t doubt yourself, you’re a good officer.  I don’t want people to be afraid of telling me things in private they think I don’t want to hear.  At the same time though, we need to project confidence for the fleet in public…understand?

Blaine:  Completely sir.

Spruance:  Anyways, send Hydra squadron on that recon mission now.  We’re about ready to head out, but I have a feeling that radiation pulse our Viscounts detected at long range is something we should check out.

Blaine:  Roger, General Spruance.  177th Hydras, you’re being relieved of patrol of the Proteus.  Your new assignment is to check out an unusual neutron radiation pulse at the coordinates we’re uploading to you.  Take your Durandals to the area, recon said area, and then report back to us here.

Alpha 1 (Hydras):  Affirmative, Proteus.  Heading out to designated recon zone. 


(A few minutes later)

Alpha 1:  We’re here Hydras.  They say we’re to investigate some strange radiation pulse.

Bravo 1:  Sol’s almost gone and the human race is basically extinct…and they want us to play weather forcasting?

Delta 1:  We’ve been with Spruance in intelligence and black ops for a while now.  You think he’s going to start telling us everything?  He has his reasons, he’s not one to waste time and resources.

Alpha 1:  I’m scanning the area.  No Shivans thankfully.  Anyone detect any strange radiation like the brass was talking about?

Alpha 2:  Sir!  Look!  To our 2 o’clock…that’s a Galahad!  A Syndicate Galahad destroyer!

Bravo 1:  I thought the ORS got all their available heavy assets out by now…

Alpha 1:  I’ve got it targeted; it looks disabled.  Someone go in and get all subsystems scanned.

(Someone scans engines, weapons, navigations, etc.)

Alpha 1:  Proteus,  we have a derelict ORS Galahad destroyer here.  Our limited scans show it’s disabled, but still relatively intact.

Proteus:  That’s interesting to say the least.  Stay there, we’re sending in the Borealis to do a deeper scan.

(The modified Viscount Borealis comes in and begins to scan the Galahad class ship.)

Bravo 1:  Borealis, what can you tell us?

Borealis:  Proteus,  we’ve done our close in scans.  If our readings were right, this is the ORD Hesperia.  I’m detecting traces of neutron radiation on the ship…originating from the engine department.  Although readings on board indicate levels aren’t fatal now, they must have been earlier since…I’m not detecting signs of life on the ship.  They must have seen some combat with Shivans.

Proteus:  What’s the condition of the ship?  How can it be relatively intact like Alpha 1 said if everyone’s dead?

Borealis:  Damage to the engine department may have released a pulse of neutron radiation on the ship which killed the crew.  It dissipates relatively soon as levels don’t appear harmful now.  A radiation pulse isn’t like a typical explosion…it leaves the structure of things intact.  We are detecting minor damage to the engine area and traces of Shivan weaponry.  The engine is currently disabled but outside structural damage appears to be minimal.  It lost power so Shivans must have just left it alone afterwards.

Proteus:  What are the conditions of the weapons?

Borealis:  While we won’t know the full extent of the condition of the Andromeda unless we get someone on board…it looks like the railguns and torpedo launchers are intact.

Proteus:  Could a boarding party survive?

Borealis:  They might have to wear hazmat suits, but in my professional estimation yes, they could survive.  Neutron levels are only slightly above average now, and if any leak in the engine could be sealed then things might get back to normal even.

(Back on the Proteus)

Blaine:  Sir, there is potential here.  A Galahad class ship is a modern ship.  We could scavenge the Hesperia and get some useful supplies before we leave Sol.  Sir?  General Spruance…why are you smiling like that?

Spruance:  Oh, I’d say there’s more than just a little potential here.  I just had a very interesting thought Lt. Commander Blaine.  If this works, this would be a huge game changer.

Blaine:  What did you have in mind General?

Spruance:  If we send in a boarding party to investigate the Hesperia, and it’s fairly intact like the Borealis says…then it wouldn’t take much effort to repair her and get her running again would it?

Blaine:  General, are you suggesting…

Spruance:  Didn’t you yourself say the Proteus is a floating scrap heap?  Wouldn’t you like to be able to transfer one of the most powerful warships humanity currently has?  Think about it…get the Hesperia up and running then move our stuff over there and we could leave the Proteus behind.  That would actually give TF7 a chance to survive outside of Sol and try to catch up to Exodus Fleet.  Our people and craft wouldn’t be crammed like sardines anymore.

Blaine:  What if there are survivors on the Hesperia? 

Spruance:  Sadly, if the Borealis is to be believed, most of the crew is dead.  We’ll get our people on the ship and find out the truth about that.  If there aren’t that many, to put it bluntly, we’ll be in charge and they’ll need us to help get out.  They may not like Earth people taking over a Galahad, but remind them that when we rendezvous with Exodus Fleet we’ll follow Caliphtys as agreed.  So whoever controls the Hesperia, it will eventually be under ORS sovereignty at some point you can tell them whether it has an ORD or EFD designation.  If the Borealis is wrong then we’ll think of what to do then. 

Blaine:  This is a bold strategy sir.

Spruance:  When humanity is on the brink, bold strategies are called for. 

Blaine:  If I may make a suggestion…we should ask the Lassel for help.  It’s the ORS ship in TF7.  They might be willing to give us a technical readout of a Galahad.  That could help our people repair it quicker.

Spruance:  Good idea.  Since you’re a little more diplomatic than I, I’ll trust you to handle it.

Blaine:  Yes sir.  Comms, put me through to the ORFg Lassel.

(The Proteus opens communications with the ORFg Lassel)

Proteus:  This is the Proteus to Lassel.

Lassel:  Shipmaster Davros here, how can I be of help Proteus?

Proteus:  We found a derelict, but largely intact, ORS ship and we were wondering if you could send us a technical blueprint of the ship class.  It would help the repair crews we would send.

Lassel:  We do have technical databases on most of our ships Proteus.  Another ship in TF7 would be helpful.  What ship is it you found?

Proteus:  We found a Galahad class destroyer…specifically the Hesperia.  It’s disabled but mostly intact.  If we could get a blueprint of its engines we could get it going again.

Lassel:  The Hesperia?  That was one of the few surviving Galahads we in the ORS had.  We lost track of it and gave it up for dead.  It’s not gone?

Proteus:  Negative, we found it.  Our quick scan shows damage to the engine which led to a neutron pulse throughout the ship…which killed most of the crew.  It must have lost power soon after which led to the Shivans ignoring it afterwards.  However, the ship otherwise is intact and we think with some minor repairs we could get it going again.  I’ll be honest, we have some knowledge of Galahad ships throughout espionage and spying…the usual stuff that both sides have done and I know you’ve done to us.  That’s not relevant right now though, if you gave us a complete layout it might make things quicker.  We need to get going, will you help us?

Lassel:  One minute Proteus…

(An internal conversation on the Lassel):
(Note:  I’m guessing the equivalent rank to XO (second in command) on an ORS ship would be “Assistant Shipmaster”)

Davros:  Assistant Shipmaster Fletcher, get the file ready to send to the Proteus.

Fletcher:  Shipmaster Davros, are you sure that’s wise?

Davros:  Why not?

Fletcher:  Sir, if we give them a Galahad layout, at the least that means they’ll have knowledge of our ships that Earth forces didn’t have before.  The other more dangerous thing to consider is, we’re the only ORS ship in TF7 and we don’t have landing troops available.  That means if they repair the Hesperia, they’ll take it over.

Davros:  I understand your worry, and normally I like thinking in the long term too.  On the other hand if we don’t think about surviving right now…there won’t be a long term to think about.  We need this alliance with the EFN and if that means they have nominal control over the Hesperia…well it’s not like we haven’t commandeered EFN ships in the previous wars.  From what I’ve heard, Earth forces joining Exodus Fleet are required to submit to overall ORS leadership so maybe we can survive under EFN command for the time being.

Fletcher:  Giving them a Galahad could dramatically alter the future power balance in Exodus Fleet though.  I don’t think Fleetmaster Caliphtys would like it.

Davros:  That may be true, but a Galahad would dramatically increase our chances of actually reaching Exodus Fleet.  We’ll have to worry about that day when that day comes.  Send the data.

Fletcher:  As you wish, Shipmaster.

(Back on the Proteus)

Blaine:  Sir, data on the Galahad class has been received.

Spruance:  Excellent.  Send our thanks to the Lassel, and send this data to our repair transport.

(Later on at the Hesperia)

Alpha 2:  Alpha 1, we have an incoming transport through subspace.

Corrine:  This is the EFT Corrine.  We have hazmat equipped repair troops and equipment and are preparing to dock with the Hesperia.

Alpha 1:  Hydras, keep an eye out and make sure nothing hits the Corrine or Hesperia.  Hold on, hostiles!  We have a Cain and a fighter wing incoming!

Borealis:  Pilots, we have enemy comms jammed in this area but destroy the fighters before they can jump out of range of our jamming field.  The Cain will take longer to jump out.

(After the ships are destroyed, a minute or two pass)

Alpha 1:  Corrine, what’s your status?

Corrine:  We did it!  The neutron leak on the Hesperia’s engine has been repaired.  We’re now working on repairing the rest of the engine.  Radiation levels are already going down and people should be able to walk around without bio-hazard suits in a few hours.

Proteus:  This is General Spruance, good job everyone.  Corrine, after your work in the engineering department is done, see if you can restore power to the rest of the ship.  We’ll send in another transport to secure the bridge and see if there are any survivors.  Hydras, when the new transport and escort wings arrive, you’re clear to return to the Proteus. 

(The Hydras jump out)

Mission debriefing:
Well done pilots, this was the first step in dramatically improving our chances for survival.  The radiation is largely gone so we should be able to walk freely on it soon.  The Hesperia’s engines are in working order and the bridge is secure too.

Unfortunately, as we suspected, over 90% of the crew of the Hesperia is dead as a result of the radiation pulse caused by conflict with the Shivans  The only silver lining is that our doctors told me it was relatively quick and they didn’t suffer too much.  The few survivors that were in secure locations are being treated and interviewed as we speak. 

There’s still a ways to go.  We’ll have to do an inventory of the ship to see what weapons and equipment are on board.  We won’t fully power up the Hesperia yet either as we don’t want to fully alert the Shivans before we’re ready to head out.  The Borealis will stay next to the Hesperia to keep the area around the Hesperia jammed from Shivan frequencies.  Hopefully that will keep the Shivans uninterested in this area before we can head out.

General Oliver Spruance

Exile alternate history mission/chapter 2

(Conversation on the Proteus)

Spruance:  How goes the transfer of equipment to the Hesperia?

Blaine:  Everything’s progressing rather nicely, General Spruance.  Ever since the neutron radiation leak has been fixed, we’ve been able to get our people over fairly quick.  It takes more time to load up ammunition, food, water and other supplies on to transports and bring them over.

Spruance:  What about the spacecraft?

Blaine:  That takes a little longer.  We have to have an individual pilot actually fly the fighter or bomber or support ship over from the Proteus’ fighterbay to that of the Hesperia.  It was considered to use remote piloting, but we didn’t want to risk losing them.

Spruance:  There’s one more thing, do you think I made the right decision to bring the Proteus near the Hesperia?  Some might say it would be better to keep it further away have the ships jump to the Hesperia.

Blaine:  I think it was the right call sir.  By bringing the Proteus in close proximity to the Hesperia, you reduce the time needed to bring stuff over to the Hesperia.  Plus, with less subspace jumps, that reduces the chance the Shivans may detect our activity.

Spruance:  You’re right, time is important.  We’re already behind Exodus Fleet and we want to get moving as soon as possible.  Command staff and officers will be the last personnel to leave the Proteus for the Hesperia.  Let me know as soon as we’re ready to go over there ourselves.  Anything else?

Blaine:  Yes sir, a number of our pilots are looking forward to being able to fly ORS craft.  Our Durandals are roughly equivalent to their space superiority fighters, but more than a few of our pilots like the Heretic interceptor better than our own.  Of course, aside from our elite Echelon squadron, everyone wants a chance to fly some of the Vindicators we found on the Hesperia.  In terms of numbers, we pretty much have our fighter complement filled out.

Spruance:  How’s our bomber situation?

Blaine:  We have mostly Cronus and Rhea medium bombers for our strike craft.  Though we do have a couple wings of Lyre heavy bombers too.  We didn’t find too many ORS bombers on the Hesperia, just a couple Stalkers and Euryales.  So while it looks like we’ll be able to fill out the fighter side of things, we’re still short of filling out the number of bombers a full Galahad complement would have.  We still have space for more bombers though if somehow we could find more.  On the other hand, we’re worlds better than we were before we found this ship.

Spruance:  Good to hear.

Command Briefing:

Page 1:  To the men and women of Task Force Seven, we may have stumbled on something of a breakthrough in our quest to get out of Sol alive and join up with Exodus Fleet.

Page 2:  As you know, recently we managed to find a derelict Galahad-class destroyer…specifically the ORD Hesperia.  It suffered a radiation accident in combat in what we presume was a lucky Shivan beam shot to its engines.  This neutron radiation pulse killed most of the crew (less than 8% survived), but left the ship mostly structurally intact.  It lost power and we presume the Shivans just decided to forget what they thought was a dead ship.

Page 3:  Fortunately, with some technical assistance from our ORS friends in TF7, the ORFg Lassel, we were able to get the Hesperia repaired and ready to go again.  Thankfully, radiation levels are back to normal so people can walk around freely. This is a tremendous blessing.  I don’t have to tell those of you who fought against a Galahad in the past how deadly they are.  The Hesperia massively outclasses our ancient Orion we currently use as our flagship.  It carries more fighters, has more armor, is faster, and actually has capship weaponry so we can fight and win a capital ship duel.

Page 4:  We’re currently transferring all our fighters, bombers, and support craft over to the Hesperia from the Proteus.  The Hesperia has plenty of fighters for us as well, including a number of Heretic interceptors.  The biggest prize is there are a couple of wings of Vindicators available.  Those are their elite craft.  I suggest you brush up on flying ORS craft in the simulator…we’ll need them to break through the Shivans.

Mission Briefing:

Page 1:  Hydras, while we finish fully equipping the Hesperia to continue on our journey, we need you to check out a distress signal we heard.  It was faint and there was only one ping, but we’ll check it out anyways.  We can’t save everyone in Sol, but if we can help people we’ll try to do so.

Page 2:  Go to the designated area and find out what’s present and report back to the Hesperia; we’ll decide on a course of action then. 

Page 3:  I know what you’re thinking, we can’t give you Vindicators to fly just yet.  We’re still working on getting the higher end ORS fighters and bombers we found on the Hesperia ready for action.  Our Echelons are still undergoing repairs too.  Durandals are still more than capable of doing the job.  Good luck out there.

Mission begins

Alpha 1:  Okay, Alpha, Bravo, Delta…we’re here at the specified coordinates.  Anyone see anything?

Delta 2:  Sir, nothing in our immediate zone, but I think I see something a couple clicks out.

Alpha 1:  What is it?

Bravo 1:  Wow…sir, I have two ORS capital ships on sensors now.  The smaller one is an Agneya artillery frigate and the larger looks to be one of their Syr Darya carriers!

Alpha 1:  ORS ships, this is the 177th Hydras from the EFD Proteus, do you copy?

Bravo 2:  Sir, both ships look to be damaged.  I’m detecting life but I can’t raise them on comms.

Alpha 1:  Someone scan the communications subsystem of each ship, maybe we can form a link on short range comms that way.

(The communication subsystems of the ship gets scanned)

Alpha 1:  Can anyone hear us now?

Fafnir:  This is the ORFa Fafnir.  I’m Shipamaster Sara Harwin.  What are you doing out here Earthers?  I thought all of you were committing suicide trying to defend Earth or leaving with Caliphtys and Exodus Fleet.

Alpha 1:  We could ask you the same thing Fafnir.  What’s your situation?

Fafnir:  Our two ships here were stragglers.  We were trying to catch up with Exodus Fleet but couldn’t make it in time.  So we decided to try to get to Beta Volantis on our own.  Unfortunately the Shivans had other ideas.  They damaged us as you can see.

Bravo 1:  We have a battlegroup of EFN remnants who managed to survive.  At the last second we decided Earth was a lost cause and escaped the Sathanas fleet.  Would you like to come with us?  We could send a transport to get your people out of there.  We’re some time behind Exodus Fleet too, but we’ll try to follow them and catch up with them.

Fafnir:  I’ll take you up on that Hydras.  However, I can give you some good news.  We’ve been working on repairing the Fafnir.  Internal repairs are nearly complete and we just need a few more minutes. 

Alpha 1:  Excellent, an Agneya frigate could prove helpful to Task Force Seven.  We’ll try and establish communication with that Syr Darya now.

Fafnir:  Don’t bother, Hydras.  It’s basically a floating corpse.  Shivans nearly finished her off before we chased off their small attack force.  We lowered our power to try and reduce the probability of them detecting us.  If you can give us some cover, we should be able to get out of here, but for all intents and purposes, the Highland is dead.

Delta 1:  No survivors on board?

Fafnir:  No life signs detected.  The ship got gutted and lost life support.  Only part of the fighter bay is sound.

Alpha 1:  I’ll report this.  Proteus, this is Alpha 1 of the Hydras.  We’re at the designated coordinates and found two ships:  the ORFa Fafnir and the ORCa Highland.  The Fafnir should be able to complete its own repairs and join TF7 but the Highland is dead…no life signs detected.  Only the fighterbay has any structural soundness to it. 

Proteus:  Roger that.  When it’s ready, you can give the Fafnir the coordinates of the Hesperia.  We’ll want to get out of here soon.  General Spruance and the rest of the command crew are almost ready to leave the Proteus and officially go to the Hesperia.  Soon the only people on the Proteus will be the former crew of the Hesperia.  We don’t have time to give a proper funeral so we decided it will be their resting place.

Fafnir:  Wait, did I hear that right?  The Hesperia?  I thought she was lost.  The ORS hasn’t heard from her in a while.

Alpha 1:  It’s kind of a long story, but to sum it up:   We found the Hesperia not too long ago.  Most of the crew is dead but the ship was intact.  We’re transferring over from an old Orion to this ship to give TF7 a chance to get out of Sol.

Proteus:  There’s one more thing Hydras.  We’re sending a transport with technicians on board to dock in the Highland’s fighterbay.

Fafnir:  Don’t bother Proteus.  Like I told your Hydras, the ship is dead.  Even a full shipyard couldn’t restore the ship to working order anytime soon. 

Proteus:  That’s not the plan Fafnir.  If the fighterbay is still intact like you say, then it’s possible there might be intact craft too.

Proteus:  Here’s the plan Hydras:  you’ll continue to provide cover for the Fafnir but also cover two transports we’re sending in.  They dock in the Highland’s fighterbay and see if there are any craft we can use.  If so, the technicians will board the fighters and/or bombers we find and pilot them out and then jump to the Hesperia.  These technicians aren’t trained pilots, so you’ll have to protect any craft they ferry over.  Their job will simply be to get the craft out and then jump out.  After they get out of the fighterbay, you’ll need to cover them from Shivan attack for about a minute.

(Two transports jump in)

Alpha 1:  You heard the Proteus, Hydras.  Cover Sigma wing while they dock with the Highland.  We have company already.  A squad of Dragons just jumped in, take them out before they hit our transports!

(After the Dragons are destroyed, the Sigma transports dock with the Highland)

Sigma 1:  Pilots we’re in.  Even though this area is the only semi-intact part of the ship, it’s still taken a beating.  We see a number of ships that look okay though, this may take some time. 

Fafnir:  Alpha 1, we have some bad news.

Alpha 1:  What?

Fafnir:  I’m detecting a number of small Shivan capships incoming.

Alpha 1:  What’s your condition Fafnir? 

Fafnir:  Weapons systems are operational and we’ve got most of the armor repairs done, but our engines still need a little more time.

Alpha 1:  I’ve seen videos of Agneyas in action before and that main cannon is deadly, can you fire that?

Fafnir:  One second, let me check…affirmative, Alpha 1.  Our main cannon is operational.  Our maneuvering thrusters are also working.  In short, we can turn and point at a target but we can’t move beyond that for now.

Alpha 1:  If they’re just light capships you should be able to blast them out of space right?

Fafnir:  Well, yes.  Also, since our main engine isn’t active yet, we can devote more power to the primary cannon.  It will be able to fire quicker and at a slightly longer range; but we’ll need your help in this engagement.

Bravo 1:  What?  Why?

Fafnir:  Our targeting system is still not 100% functional.  It’s repairable but we can’t do it in the heat of battle.  To target a capital ship, we’ll need you to scan an enemy vessel and then press “1” on your console.  That is the ship that we will fire at.  Repeat the process after a ship has been destroyed. 

(Note:  If this got made into a mission, a player would have to scan a Shivan ship and then press “1” for the Fafnir to attack a capital ship.)

Sigma 1:  We’re sending a wing of Heretics out.

Fafnir: We have a Cain coming in!  Someone scan it and designate it so we can destroy it!

(A wing of Basilisks come in and move toward the new fighters.  It should be fairly easy for the player to scan/target the Cain and have his/her wings destroy the fighters)

Sigma 1:  The next group we’re sending is two wings of Heretics and one wing of Rapiers.  We can detect some Maras coming in, protect our new ships.

(The enemy Maras are destroyed)

Sigma 1:  Great work, we’re working on bombers.  We’re sending out a squadron of Krios light bombers; we’re sending them in two waves of six.  Whatever fighters the Shivans throw at them, keep them safe.

Fafnir:  Two Rakshashas just jumped in!  Keep the process going!

(The player scans and designate the Rakshashas one and then the other while the rest of the player’s fighters take out Shivan wings that come in.)

Sigma 1:  We have a wing of Euryales and two wings of Stalkers ready to go.

Fafnir:  Now two Moloch frigates are jumping in!  Thankfully they’re coming one behind the other and not at the same time.

(The player does his or her duty.)

Fafnir:  Now they’re sending in some newer ships, a Daeva cruiser and Armoros frigate coming in.  Get them scanned and marked for us!

(Some more fighters come in and the player has to do double duty again:  scanning/marking the capital ships and destroying enemy fighters.)

Sigma 1:  Pilots, we’ve just about cleaned out what we can from the Highland.  Our last group might be one of our greatest prizes.  We have a squadron of Vindicators.  Keep them safe if you flyboys want to fly them someday.

Alpha 1:  Fafnir, how are we doing?  Any more capital ships incoming?

Fafnir:  It looks like we’re clear for now and we may be able to…wait!  We have a Lilith incoming on a different vector than the previous ships!  It will be in beam range before we can turn ourselves toward it.  Take out its primary beam turret or we’re done for!  Don’t worry about scanning and marking it, we just jury rigged a fix to our targeting system.

(The beam cannon gets taken out and the Lilith gets destroyed when the Fafnir turns toward it.)

Alpha 1:  Fafnir, how about now?  Are we clear?

Fafnir:  Sensors don’t detect any more incoming Shivans.  We’re good now.

Alpha 1:  What’s your situation Sigma 1?

Sigma 1:  We’ve got all the craft we can from the Highland, Hydras.  There are some others that might be repairable, but we can’t get them flying in time.  We’re heading out now.

(The two Sigma transports leave the Highland and jump out)

Delta 3:  Hey Fafnir, how are your engines?

Fafnir:  Pilots, we’re up and running now. 

Alpha 1:  Proteus, what about the Highland?

Proteus:  We can’t let the Shivans get it.  Fafnir, I know it may be difficult to ask, but…

Fafnir:  Understood, Proteus.  This won’t be the first scorched earth exercise we’ve done.  Helm, target the Highland and finish her.

(The Fafnir turns around and finishes off the Highland until it fully explodes.)

Proteus:  Fafnir, we’re sending you the location of the Hesperia rendezvous point.  Hydras, you’re clear to follow the Fafnir back.

(The player jumps out)

Mission debriefing:  Again, great work pilots.  We may now have a fighting chance to get out of Sol.  With the craft we brought over from the Proteus, what we found on the Hesperia, and what we managed to get from the Highland and from other scavenging raids…we’ve got the Hesperia fully armed.  We have our fighter and bomber complements pretty much full.  TF7’s frigates will be able to have some fighters for cover and assistance too.

It should only take about another day or so before TF7 begins to head out.  I will make this announcement tomorrow but I wanted you pilots to hear it first. 

Also, I would like to welcome the ORFa Fafnir to TF7.  The Agneya class of frigate is very powerful and will be of great help to us I’m sure. 

Get some rest pilots.  We’re not completely done in Sol yet, but the end is in sight.  Even though outright victory over the Shivans isn’t possible right now, you have helped to ensure survival and that we may have victory someday.

General Oliver Spruance

Exile alternate history mission/chapter 3

Blaine:  Sir, I agree we should go as soon as possible.  Though I do think my suggestion is a risk worth taking.

Spruance:  Don’t we have enough supplies as is? 

Blaine:  Right now, perhaps.  However, who knows how long we’ll be out there in space?  Even if we turn up the trackers on our Viscounts to maximum, we’d only be able to get a light ion trace of Exodus Fleet for a short time.  Leibniz didn’t give us a roadmap.  Hopefully we can follow them, but we have to be able to survive out there long term.  Even if we went to strict rationing, our food and supplies wouldn’t last forever.

Blaine:  Also, what about the civilians we could save?  Moyses, or Exodus, or whatever Caliphtys and Leibniz want to call it has a moral dimension too.

Spruance:  Fine, but don’t take too long on this.  Get this convoy you think you’ve found and then let’s get out of Sol.

Blaine:  Yes, sir.

Command Briefing:

Page 1: TF7 Warship lineup:
EFD Hesperia (Galahad)
EFFg Lincoln (Vidar)
EFFg Wolf (Vidar)
EFFg Everest (Solomon)
EFFg Princeton (Solomon)
EFFg Luna (Solomon)
ORFa Fafnir (Agneya)
ORFg Lassel (Vitalius)
EFCs Borealis (modified Viscount)
EFCs London (modified Viscount)
EFC Trailblazer (Evangelist)

(Note:  This is kind of like the page in Exile command briefings that would say the total population of Exodus Fleet.)

Page 2:  To the men and women of TF7, we’re just about ready to officially head for Beta Volantis.  All of the crew of the Proteus and all of our ships and supplies have been transferred over to the Hesperia.  The systems are being fully powered up and weapons systems armed

Page 3:  As you may have noticed, we have changed the official designation of the Hesperia to fit the fact that the crew of this ship now has a crew of over 93% EFN personnel.  This has been a common practice of both of our human factions in our wars before the Shivans came; when a ship was occupied the designation changed.

Page 4:  Unfortunately we don’t have time for individual funerals for all the former crew of the Hesperia.  The bodies are being transferred to the Proteus, our former command ship, as we are stripping any remaining useful parts from the ship .  I will say an official farewell to them then.  Out of courtesy to them that it is their final resting place we’ll re-designate that ship the ORD Proteus.

Page 5:  The Proteus is fully powered down now, but we’ve also prepared a surprise, just in case, for the Shivans.  We’ve put some detection gear on the ship and if it detects Shivan borders, we’ve set a heavy nuclear warhead to detonate in the engine department.  That will take the Shivans out before they can take the ship and will take out any nearby Shivans too.  I’ve talked with the CO of the Lassel and Fafnir and they agreed the former crew of the Hesperia wouldn’t mind striking one last blow against the Shivans, even after death.

Mission Briefing: 

Page 1:  Hydras, this is Lt. Commander Blaine, XO of the Hesperia:  I’ll be delivering this particular mission briefing.   The Shivan armada is still glassing Earth and the inner planets.  However, we can’t count on them staying in the inner part of Sol forever.  General Spruance wants the Hesperia and the rest of TF7 to leave as soon as possible so we don’t have several juggernauts right on our tail.

Page 2:  We have just received a secure distress signal from a ORS civilian ship in a nearby sector.  They claim to have three thousand civilians in their convoy that they’ve picked up as they’ve tried to leave Sol…both ORS and EFN civilians. 

Page 3:  I know General Spruance wants to get out of Sol ASAP.  In principle, I agree.  On the other hand, there is still more we can do here.  We have to think of TF7 as a whole, but I’ve convinced General Spruance to take this operation.  Of course we can’t save all the civilians in Sol, but we should try to save those in our path if we can.

Page 4:  I don’t know the exact class of ship you’ll find, but get there, save it and then guide it to the new rendezvous point we’ll link you to.  Maybe there will be more than one ship.  Report any new findings when you get to the mission zone.  Good luck.


Alpha 1:  We’re in the area, Hesperia.  Currently I see three ships.  The lead ship looks to be a Hestia.  I’m hailing it.

Alpha 1:  Hestia class ship, this is the 177th Hydras off of the EFD Hesperia.  We detected a distress signal in this area.  What’s your status?

Mendel:  EFD Hesperia?  Never mind.  At least someone heard us.  Our convoy was trying to leave one of the last ORS shipyards out there.  We were leaving in two stages.  What you see here is the remains of stage one of the convoy.  Stage one, us, left early and we came under Shivan attack.

Mendel:  They got a couple supply and civilian ships and one of our cruiser escorts.  The three ships here are all that’s left of the first part of our convoy.  This is the Hestia-class liner ORLs Mendel.  We also have the gas ship ORGt Photon and Amalthea cruiser ORC Griffin.

Bravo 1:  A Hestia?  Mendel, what’s your supply and civilian status?

Mendel:  Usually we can carry about five thousand civilians.  Now, however, we only have about three thousand.  Shivans destroyed some civilian ships, ORS and EFN, that we were going to rendezvous with and drop off their people to us.  We have enough people on board though to maintain full status on our food production decks thankfully though.

Alpha 2:  Is it true Hestias can make supplies too?

Mendel:  Yes, to a certain extent.  We can make small parts and weaponry but we can’t make entire fighters or large ship parts…say a destroyer engine.  Why do you ask?

Alpha 1:  We’re part of an EFN remnant fleet that decided not to follow EFN Command’s pointless suicide order.

Mendel:  I thought Leibniz’s group already left.

Alpha 1:  True, his main group has left.  Our leader, General Spruance, didn’t leave with Leibniz at first but decided at the last minute to go anyway.  The main body of Exodus Fleet under Caliphtys and Leibniz has presumably left Sol already.  We should have left earlier, but better late than never I guess.

Alpha 1:  Anyways Mendel, would you care to join us?  We’ll protect you and your civilians in exchange for you helping to supply us with food and other supplies.

Mendel:  Sounds like a deal Hydras.  Send us your rendezvous coordinates.

Alpha 1:  Hesperia, we have arrived next to part of a convoy.  The Mendel, Photon, and Griffin are requesting asylum with us.  They are a Hestia, Pluto, and Amalthea respectively.

Hesperia:  Awesome work Hydras.  A Hestia could greatly help our food situation.  TF7 is already beginning to move out toward a rendezvous point nearer to the Beta Volantis jump node.  We’re sending you coordinates where you can send the convoy.

Alpha 1:  Mendel, you can join the Hesperia’s battlegroup at these coordinates.

Mendel:  Thanks Alpha 1.  We have put in the coordinates and will jump there as soon as our jump engines have fully charged.

Delta 1:  One more thing Mendel.  You said there is a stage two to your convoy.  When can we expect them and what kind of ships are present?

Mendel:  It’s actually only one ship and a couple escorts.  I’m sorry that we can’t send them the rendezvous coordinates now, but due to the importance of the one ship we decided to put them under comms silence until they reach this location.  You’ll have to wait until they arrive before you can send them the TF7 new rendezvous location.  If my guess is correct, they should be along in less than 10 minutes.

(The “alert” noise you hear in Exile now sounds)

Griffin:  Mendel, we’ve got incoming Shivan fighter waves and a wing of bombers!

Mendel:  Hydras, if you want our help protect us from the Shivans until we can jump out.  We and the Griffin should be able to handle ourselves against this small force, but if the Photon goes up we all do.  Protect it first then come for us.

Alpha 1:  Let’s get them!

(This first attack is dispatched relatively easy)

Alpha 2:  More fighters and bombers incoming!

Mendel:  This new larger wave seems a little smarter.  The first one was somewhat disorganized, but this one has guessed the importance of our Pluto-class ship.  The bombers are targeting it and the fighters are heading for you Hydras. 

(After this second wave is destroyed the first part of this mission is almost over)

Bravo 1:  Mendel, what’s your status?

Mendel:  Our ships’ jump drives are almost fully powered now and we should be able to jump…wait!  Incoming Shivan capitals!  A Moloch and Cain!

Alpha 1:  They look somewhat damaged from some previous battle or something.

Griffin:  Pilots, if you can take out their main beams we should be able to hold them off.

Alpha 1:  Command, a couple Shivan capital ships have begun to engage the Mendel’s convoy…a Cain and Moloch.

Hesperia:  Understood.  Like the Griffin said, destroy the capital beams and the convoy should be safe.  Just to be sure, we’re sending in a bomber wing to help with the Moloch.

(A wing of bombers jumps in.  The Hydras take out the Cain easy.  With the Griffin and bombers, the Moloch also goes down as well.)

Mendel:  Thanks Hydras.  We’re jumping out now.

(The three ORS ships jump out to the TF7 rendezvous location.)

Bravo 2:  Now what?

Hesperia:  Stick around for a couple minutes Hydras.  The Mendel said you’d be escorting a second convoy.  A Hestia is important enough, but if the next ship is even more important like the Mendel said…well TF7 could use all the help it could get.

Delta 3:  Will it be enough?

Hesperia:  I don’t know.  All I know is, as far as I can tell…simply surviving against the Shivans is something of a victory.  Let’s try and make it so we can see tomorrow.

Alpha 1:  Okay Hydras, we have a couple…it looks like frigates coming in.  Now we have...holy…is that a Hephaestus?!
Hesperia:  Did you say a Hephaestus Alpha 1?

Alpha 1:  Correct, Hesperia.  We have a Hephaestus factory ship here along with two escort frigates.  Give me a second to identify them.  Terran ships, what’s your status?

Carrington:  Where’s the Mendel?

Alpha 1:  We saved it along with the Photon and Griffin.  They’ve been sent to a TF7 rendezvous point closer to the Beta Volantis node.  We’ll send you there and our group can get out of Sol.  Hold on, I just now saw your class, you’re a Tychius heavy frigate!

Carrington:  At least those three ships survived.  In any case, yes this is a Tychius...the ORFg Carrington.  We weren’t able to join Moyses in time so we decided to try and help other ships who got left behind try to get out.  The EFN Solomon you see with us is the EFFg Huron; we found it behind the lines and decided to work together.  Our prize here is the ORFs Terbium.

Alpha 1:  Aren’t Tychius ships ORS black ops ships?  I thought you left with either Caliphtys or Tessandras.

Carrington:  Unfortunately, some of us ORS were like most of you EFN people in that we didn’t believe in Exodus Fleet and Operation Moyses.  Yes, that includes some of our elite black ops ships.  What about you?  TF7, last I heard, was a group under General Spruance; as an elite ORS ship we know that kind of stuff so don’t act surprised we had that particular piece of information.  I thought all of you EFN black ops or intelligence people or whatever wanted to commit suicide at Earth.

Hesperia:  This is General Spruance.  We almost did.  However, at the last minute, we decided to disobey EFN Command.  I took the Proteus and gathered some other like-minded ships and crew who didn’t want to fight to the bitter end and try to leave Sol.  Unfortunately, like you, we were just a little late to join the main EFN force under Admiral Leibniz that was leaving Sol under the command of Exodus Fleet.  Now, we’re going to try and play catch up. 

Carrington:  The Proteus?  How did you expect to make It out of Sol in that junk heap?  It was only a Great War relic and not even one of our refitted Orions.

Hesperia:  Well, that’s not our ship now.  In short, we managed to revive the derelict Hesperia.

Carrington:  Interesting.  Giving up a pre-refit Orion in exchange for a Galahad is a pretty good tradeoff.

Hesperia:  Anyways, Alpha will give your group TF7 rendezvous coordinates to jump to when you’re ready to go.

Carrington:  Thank you.  Forgive me for not introducing myself earlier.  I’m Shipmaster Fenti.

Alpha 1:  Carrington, are there any other Hestias or Hephaestuses out there?

Carrington:  As far as I know, no.  To my knowledge, the Mendel and Carrington were the very last Hestia and Tychius in Sol.  To be honest, there may be more, but I know of no other post-Exodus survivors of those classes other than the two you see here.  As for the Terbium, it was the very last Hephaestus to be made.  It didn’t get done in time to leave with Exodus Fleet, but we rushed the final stages of construction so it could at least leave the shipyard.  All other ships of the class have been destroyed in addition to those that were still under construction.  I think only four or five of the 22 that were made left with Exodus Fleet.

Alpha 1:  Is the Terbium in working order or would we just be carrying a hulk?

Carrington:  I’m not a technician or scientist, but as far as I know it’s in working order.  So yeah, it’s worth taking along.

(The Exile alert noise sounds)

Carrington:  We have two modern Shivan frigates incoming along with a Rakshasha!  A large bomber force is also detected. 

Alpha 1:  Okay everyone, take out the bombers.  The Terbium is strong but has almost no defenses.  Hydras, take out the beam cannons if you can.  Carrington, are you and the Huron ready for combat?

Carrington:  Roger that, Alpha 1.  We’ll take out the capital ships.  Just make sure the Terbium survives.

(A few Shivan fighter wings also arrive.  Eventually the enemy ships are destroyed.  The player could use the allied bomber wing that’s present to help with the Shivan capital ships.)

Bravo 1:  Alpha 1, I think we got everything now.  Carrington, are you ready to go?

Carrington:  We should be in a couple minutes.  Huron and Terbium report no major damage and they should be ready to jump out soon.  I’m not detecting…wait…oh no…

Alpha 1:  What?!

Carrington:  I’m detecting an incoming destroyer…estimation is Ravana configuration!

Alpha 1:  Do you have a vector?

Carrington:  I think so.  If my ship computer is correct, we’ll have about a minute after it exits subspace before it’s in firing range.  That’s not long, I know, but take out its primary beams before then if you can.  My ship and the Huron will try to buy time for the Terbium to escape to TF7 at least.  That will be the best hope for humanity’s future at least.

(The Ravana jumps in and begins to launch some fighters and bombers.  Even though the player destroys its two main beams, it still moves toward the Terbium.)

Alpha 1:  Command, I don’t know if we’re going to make it here!

(A new subspace vortex opens behind the Ravana.)

Wolf:  Need some help?

(The Vidar frigate begins to fire on the engine area of the Ravana and disables it.)

Alpha 1:  That was too close.  Everyone, let’s finish this bug off.

(The three frigates and allied bomber wing pound away at the Ravana and eventually destroy it.)

Beta 3:  I think we might make it after all.

Wolf:  We were sent as reinforcements from General Spruance.  Carrington, if you’re willing, we sure could use you in our little fleet.  Huron and Terbium, you too.  Here are the coordinates for a rendezvous point.

Carrington:  We’ll take you up on that Wolf.  Jumping out now.

(The second convoy jumps out).

Wolf:  I thought this was going to just be a mission to rescue some civilians and maybe get some supplies, but it turns out this was a much bigger haul than we all thought.  We’re activating secondary drive to jump back now.  See you at the Hesperia pilots.

(The mission ends when the player jumps out.)

Mission Debriefing:

Pilots, I want to apologize for having doubts about this mission earlier.  It turned out to be much more beneficial than I thought.  We saved a few thousand civilians, which is a moral victory, but we also saved ships that are vital to the future of TF7 as a whole.  I also don’t think I exaggerate when I say they could be of great importance to the whole of humanity as well in the future.

The Mendel has vital food and water production on board and that will help keep us fed.  The Terbium is a factory ship which means it can help produce fighters, weapons and other supplies.  The Photon can also help our fuel situation.  To be honest, I was worried about our supply situation but wanted to get out of Sol pronto.  Now though I think we’ll be okay for the short term at least.

I’ve talked with some of my advisors and we’re going to scrap a couple of our smaller supply ships and move the supplies over to the Mendel and Terbium.  The crew of those ships will also work on the Mendel and Terbium to keep those ships operating at a good capacity.  There will also be one or two less ships to worry about.

Also, the shipmaster of the Terbium says, with some technical assistance from our people, the Terbium should be able to produce primary and secondary weapons for our fighters and bombers in addition to being able to make stuff for the ORS ships in TF7.  It will be a long time before they could outright make fighters, like Durandals, for us, but I’m told they could make parts for them.

I would also like to formally welcome the warships Griffin, Huron, and Carrington to TF7 as well. 

With our supply situation stabilized, we’re ready to head for Beta Volantis soon.

General Oliver Spruance

Exile alternate history mission/chapter 4

Spruance:  Hydras, thank you for accepting the call for this mission.  I’ll be doing the briefing for this mission personally.  The Hesperia and TF7 are almost ready to head for Beta Volantis.  However, something has come up.

The Hesperia recently received a secret and secure communication from a friend of mine.  His last communication indicated he was near an asteroid field at this location.  I’m assuming he’s somewhere in there now.

Alpha 2:  Sir, I thought we had to get out of Sol asap.  I mean no disrespect, but devoting a mission just to rescue an old friend of yours…how is that fair?  How many of us in TF7 have family or friends that we’ve had to leave behind for the greater good?  We can accept that to a point, but to be blunt…what we don’t like is the apparent hypocrisy of this situation.

Spruance:  I understand your point.  However, that’s not all there is to this situation.  I won’t lie to you, this person is a good friend of mine and we’ve known each other for years.  I wouldn’t risk all of TF7 just for personal reasons though.  We did some intelligence work before I left to form TF7.  I trust him with my life so EFN intelligence gave him some of the files we’ve been working on in the hope that what we were working on had a chance to make it out of Sol and serve humanity at some point in the future. 

Alpha 3:  So basically the EFN didn’t want to put all their eggs in one basket.  If they spread out their data to different operatives there’s a better chance at least some of it could get past the Shivans.

Spruance:  Exactly.  I won’t lie to you Hydras; I do have a personal stake in this mission.  There is a strategic reason for this though.  He has classified intel and research that could be of great use to us.

Alpha 1:  General, I know you wouldn’t send us out on a mission for no reason or just personal benefit.  We’ll take this job.

Spruance:  Thank you Hydras, thank you.  The mission plan is pretty simple.  We’ll send you to an estimated location along with the Lassel for protection and the London to help scan the area.  When our agent is located we’ll send in a transport to dock and then it will return to the Hesperia.  This is classified but hopefully will prove simple.
I consider this a personal favor.  If you succeed I promise to make it worth your while.  Dismissed.

(The mission begins.)

Lassel:  Alpha wing, this is the Lassel.  General Spruance has given us operational control of the mission.  We don’t anticipate any Shivan capital ships in the area but we’re here just in case.  This will be a quick operation.  We’ll use the London to help us find the stealth beacon that was supposed to be deployed and then we’ll head to the operative’s location.

Once we find him, we’ll contact the Hesperia.  It will send a transport and then we get our guy out and leave.

London:  We’re at the beacon point…now beginning scan.

(This part would take about 20 seconds or so.)

London:  We have confirmed the data on the operative’s location.  Alpha wing, escort us and the Lassel into the asteroid field.  It should take us a few minutes or so until we have reached the designated location of the EFN operative.  Keep an eye out for any Shivans and be sure to destroy any asteroids that we designate as a danger to our operation.

Alpha 1:  Moving into escort formation.

Alpha 3:  Alpha lead, shouldn’t they have sent more than just our wing to escort two ships like this?

Alpha 1:  Maybe they didn’t want to attract too much attention.  Besides, I heard they needed Bravo and Delta wings to assault some Shivan cargo depots or something.  Just because we’re in the same squadron doesn’t mean we always operation together.

(About a minute passes by)

Alpha 4:  Do you think rescuing this guy will actually make a difference?

Alpha 3:  Would they be sending us to get him if he wasn’t?

Alpha 4:  I just…I just want to feel like we can actually beat the Shivans.

Alpha 1:  Maybe we have to redefine what victory means.  Maybe just surviving until tomorrow is a victory.

Alpha 3:  If we had the rest of our territories…if the Lucifer hadn’t blown up at the second it did…we might have had all our systems to fight the Shivans.  Although, maybe even that wouldn’t have been enough to defeat more than a dozen juggernauts.

Alpha 2:  If you want to talk about what ifs, here’s one for you:  Lassel, why did you all have to rebel in the first place?  A united Sol could have held off the Shivans a lot longer.  Was your pride worth  destroying the GTA and humanity?

Alpha 1:  Alpha 2, shut up.  We’re all in this together now.  At least they had a much bigger exodus plan than us.

Lassel:  No no, Alpha 1.  It’s okay.  We’ve got a thick scan and can handle political jabs like that.  Alpha 2, I would ask you:  why couldn’t your GTA predecessors have kept your ego In check after the Lucifer blew up?  If the GTA hadn’t treated us in the outer planets like conquered subjects after the Great War, maybe we wouldn’t have felt the need to rebel in the first place.

Alpha 3:  Maybe I’m sometimes just jaded about humanity, but I’m willing to say we’ve got idiots on both sides.

Lassel:  I’ll partly concede to that.  Let’s just remember we’re on the same team now.  I don’t mind political arguments every now and then;  they can break up the boredom on ships.  However, whatever our heritage is, Earth or Europa or Ganymede or wherever…it looks like we’ll all have to create a new heritage for ourselves.

Alpha 2:  Sorry, I was just letting off some steam.

Alpha 1:  It’s okay.  Just don’t let it stop you from doing your job.

London:  Everyone, we’re in the asteroids now.  Keep them off us as we head to the rendezvous point.

(Just so it’s not all dialogue, a wing of Manticores jump in)

London:  Shivan interceptors jumping in!  We can jam their transmissions, but you have about a minute to take them out before they can escape.  Take them out!

(It should be fairly easy to defeat this wing)

Lassel:  London, we’re at the rendezvous point but I’m not seeing anything on sensors. 

London:  Hold on.  We’ll have to slightly reconfigure our sensors to work in an asteroid field.  This should take about 15 seconds…okay, I think we’re ready.  I’m getting a light ship reading about five clicks out.  Alpha wing, you should see something on your sensors.  Maybe when you get closer to it you could get a better sensor identification.

(On the player’s HUD, an intermittent purple dot appears on the radar.  The player is meant to head towards it.  Once the player gets to within about two kilometers of this ship, a purple transport icon now appears on the player’s radar.)

Alpha 1:  Lassel, London, we’re heading towards the unidentified sensor reading.  I think I see something now.  Wait, I’m not sure of what I’m seeing.  Lassel, I see…that’s a Vasudan transport!  Lassel, we have a Vasudan ship here!  My computer is identifying it as Satis class.

Lassel:  Vasudan?  What would one of their ships be doing here?  Anyways, get a scan of the ship and we’ll try talking to it.

(The player scans the transport)

Alpha 1:  Transmitting data to you Lassel.  It looks like one life sign is on board.

Lassel:  London, see what you can make of this.  We’ll try raising communications with it now.  Vasudan freighter, this is the ORFg Lassel of EFN Task Force Seven.  Are you the one we’re looking for?

Canopic:  This is the PVFr Canopic.  I’m Commander Asir.  I’m glad General Spruance didn’t forget me.  Here’s my identification code.

Lassel:  This matches the code General Spruance gave us at the beginning of the mission.  It looks like we’ve found our operative Hydras.  What is your condition Commander Asir?

Canopic:  For the moment I’m okay.  Though my food and water supplies might not last much longer…a few days at most.

Alpha 1:  Forgive my curiosity Commander Asir, but what’s a Vasudan doing out here?

Canopic:  That may be a long story, Alpha 1.  Do you have the time?

London:  We probably need a couple minutes to fully charge our jump engines and plot a jump course out of the asteroid field.  Feel free to tell us.

Canopic:  I’ll try to keep it short.  When the Sathanas armada began to bombard Earth, the few Vasudans who were left at the Vasudan embassy on Earth had to flee.  Most of the transports were destroyed but somehow mine managed to make it out.  I didn’t really know where to go so eventually I found this asteroid field and decided to stay here and hide for a while.

EFN Command had ordered its navy to defend Earth to the last.  From what I know, most tried to and died pointlessly.  I knew Spruance was conflicted about what to do, but I guess he decided to leave at the last minute.  Did he join up with Leibniz?

Lassel:  No.  Unfortunately, General Spruance was not able to catch up with Leibniz and Caliphtys’ Exodus Fleet.  General Spruance was able to rally some other ships who weren’t able to leave with Exodus Fleet and formed Task Force Seven.  We’re leaving Sol soon and hope to eventually be able to catch up to Exodus Fleet and what’s left of humanity.  Would you like to join us Asir?

Canopic:  Affirmative Lassel.   I shut down most of this ship’s power to try and avoid detection by the Shivans.  I only left one stealth beacon and sent that one secure transmission so you could find me.  Give me just a little more time and I should be able to power up essential systems.

Lassel:  Thank you Commander.  The London has indicated a jump trajectory out of this field.  I’m sending you coordinates for the Hesperia, command ship of TF7.

Alpha 2:  Forgive me Mr. Asir, but may I ask you something?

Lassel:  Be careful Alpha 2!  This is diplomatic territory here.

Canopic:  It’s alright Lassel.  These pilots are risking themselves to help me.  Ask what you will pilot.

Alpha 2:  Uh, thank you Commander Asir.  General Spruance sent us to rescue you.  He indicated you were a friend of his.  How did a Vasudan get to know an EFN general?  Also, he said you weren’t being rescued for just personal reasons.  What do you have?

Canopic:  That’s an interesting story pilot.  I actually met General Spruance when he was a young pilot in the Great War.  I helped save a civilian transport that was carrying the woman who would, a few years later become his wife.  Then eventually he repaid the favor when, after the destruction of Vasuda Prime he helped save the transport my family was fleeing on.

He eventually ended up in Sol and my family was eventually stationed at a Vasudan diplomatic mission on Earth.  Fate kept our families together and friends I suppose you could say.  I eventually came to help the EFN with intelligence work against the Shivans.  However, all our efforts would prove to be fruitless.

Alpha 1:  What about your family?

Canopic:  (Insert the Vasudan equivalent of a sigh).  My wife and children perished in the Shivan razing of Earth and the Vasudan embassy on Earth.  Sadly, if I remember correctly, General Spruance also lost his wife and daughter in that attack as well.  Although, I believe one of his cousins was on the Redemption with Admiral Leibniz so at least he still has some family alive.  As far as I know all other Vasudans attached to the EFN died and I don’t think the few attached to the ORS made it out either.  I am the only Vasudan I know of still alive in Sol.  Perhaps I am the only Vasudan still alive period…depending on if the Shivans are invading the Vasudans and Terran territories outside of Sol.

Alpha 1:  I…I don’t know what to say.  I’m very sorry.

Canopic:  While I am sorry too; I know I must stay focused.  I can’t mourn forever.  Even if I am the last Vasudan in the universe, I will try to conduct myself with honor.

Anyways, as to other question your squadron raised…yes there is another reason besides personal friendship General Spruance rescued me.  Like I said, I did some work with General Spruance and EFN intelligence.  He was involved with some top secret research projects.  He wanted to make sure that this research wasn’t lost even if Earth was.  He gave me some components of the research and took some himself.  He told me to try and escape Earth and that hopefully humanity at some point in the future would be able to make use of it.

I have it stored on some hard drives and disks.  Once we get out of here I’ll give it back to him.  I can’t make any use of it now, but maybe some of humanity’s industrial ships like factory ships or the Big Buddha can make use of it.

Alpha 3:  What kind of research is it?  It sounds like weapons.

Canopic:  I regret to say that’s highly classified Alpha 3.  I have to respect General Spruance’s wishes and not reveal the details of it as of yet.  All I can say is that perhaps you’ll see the fruits of it someday if we can all make it out of Sol and find some peace to make use of it

Lassel:  I’m sorry to break in here Canopic, but how much longer before you can power up your ship?  We would like to get out of here as soon as we can.

Canopic:  It shouldn’t be too much longer Lassel.  I need maybe two more minutes at the most.  May I make one request?

Lassel:  What is it?

Canopic:  Along with my personal family photos and documents I have with me, may I keep the ship I have with me?  I’ve somewhat become personally attached to it.

Lassel:  Uh, I’m not sure if that’s possible Canopic.  Spruance is trying to consolidate our resources into fewer ships and I don’t know if he’d be willing to spend fuel and resources just to carry along a freighter for sentimental purposes.

Canopic:  No, no.  I am not referring to the Canopic.  It’s just a transport to haul things around and I don’t care about it.  Scrap it or do whatever you want with it after we get out of here.  I am referring to a Thoth I have on here.  I flew it during the Great War.  It would mean a great deal to me personally if we could save it.  I’m not asking for resources to make it fully combat capable again, just to bring it with us and not scrap it.

Alpha 1:  A Great War Thoth?  How did that get into Sol?  Wait…were you one of the pilots they sent to attack the Lucifer?

Canopic:  Yes, I was one of the Thoth pilots attached to the Bastion mission.  We were able to destroy the Lucifer before it got into Sol but as you know its destruction destroyed the node unfortunately.  The only silver lining for me was that my family was already in Sol at the Vasudan embassy on Earth so I had a few more decades with them at least.

Alpha 1:  One of the “Four Thoths”?  That ship’s a legend then.  I can’t make any promises right now, but I think we can find some room on the Hesperia for it.  What is its condition?

Canopic:  Technically it’s flyable, though to keep it working some of its internal parts have had to be replaced.  It looks the same from the outside though it’s had a fresh coat of paint.
Excuse me for the break in conversation Alpha 1, but Lassel…my systems are beginning to be powered up.  It should not take much longer than one more minute.

London:  Everyone, heads up!  We have Shivans incoming.  A couple wings of fighters and a cruiser.  We also have two Azrael transports coming.  They might be coming for the Canopic.  Destroy this patrol force or we won’t be able to make it back to the Hesperia.

Lassel:  Okay, Alpha Wing here’s what we’re going to do:  The Lassel will take on the Cain; we should be able to handle that.  You have to take out the fighters and the transports. 

Alpha 1:  Go to it Hydras!

(The fighters are Aeshmas so they aren’t really much of a problem.  As long as the player starts attacking the Azraels relatively soon they should go down easily too.  After this the player helps the Lassel finish the Cain.)

London:  I’m not detecting any more Shivans on sensors.  I’ve found a vector where we can jump away from the asteroids and back to the Hesperia.  Form up on us Canopic.  Alpha, help keep the asteroids off us for about one more minute.

(The three ships and Alpha wing head to the jump point.)

London:  We’ve reached our jump point and we’ve sent everyone here the Hesperia’s coordinates.  See you back there.

(The three ships jump out and then Alpha follows them.)

Mission Debriefing:

Alpha wing, thank you.  This mission meant a lot to me personally and professionally.  Asir has been a good friend of mine for decades and it meant a lot to me you were able to rescue him.  We both lost our families to the Shivans, though like he said I do have a cousin on the Redemption…I hope I can see her again someday.  As far as I know he is the only Vasudan left in Sol.  Treat him with respect.  We’ll find something for him to do on the ship.

Our intelligence analysts have gone over your flight recorders and black boxes.  Because of the classified nature of this mission they’ve been analyzed, recorded, wiped clean and replaced.  They’ve also acquired the computers and files he brought with him.  Regretfully I can’t tell you what’s on them, but I can promise you they will be useful to humanity against the Shivans.  From a military perspective I can promise you this was worth it.

Even though we will have to create a new heritage and history for humanity after losing our home system, we would like to keep some of our past.  We’ve saved Asir’s Thoth and will keep it as a museum piece that will honor Terran and Vasudan history.

Oh, before I forget, I want to keep a promise I made to you Hydras before the mission.  I promised that if you took this optional mission I’d make it worth your while.  I’m making our elite fighters available to you for missions now.  You’re now able to select Vindicators or Echelons in ship selection at mission briefings.  Between what we already had and what we found on the Highland and with some others we’ve now found on other scavenging raids while you were rescuing Asir, there’s now enough for all Hydras to fly all Echelons or all Vindicators…or a mix if you prefer.  The only time you may not be able to fly them is if we have a bombing mission for you.  Tell the rest of the Hydras this, they should be pleased.

We leave for Beta Volantis next mission, get some sleep.  Dismissed.

Alpha 1:  One more thing General Spruance sir?

Spruance:  Yes?

Alpha 1:  When I scanned the Canopic during the mission at the Lassel’s orders, I think I caught part of what it was carrying.

Spruance:  What do you mean pilot?

Alpha 1:  My computer displayed part of a file.  Though since it was encrypted I only caught part of it.  I’m telling you now because I don’t want you to find out later and think I was trying to hide something from you.

Spruance:  Let’s hear it.

Alpha 1:  I caught three words.  It said “GTI Project Hades”.  Any idea what that could mean?

Spruance:  Alpha 1, you and the Hydras will forget you ever saw that and will never reveal this information to anyone.  I don’t like to act like a dictator, but this is that important that we have to keep secret until the right time.  Got it?

Alpha 1:  Yes sir.

Exile alternate history mission/chapter 5

Command Briefing:

Page 1: 
Current makeup of EFN Task Force Seven-
EFD Hesperia (flagship) (Galahad)
EFFg Lincoln (Vidar)
EFFg Wolf (Vidar)
ORFg Carrington (Tychichus)
ORFa Fafnir (Agneya)
EFFg Everest (Solomon)
EFFg Princeton (Solomon)
EFFg Luna (Solomon)
EFFg Huron (Solomon)
ORFg Lassel (Vitalius)
EFC Trailblazer (Evangelist)
ORC Griffin (Amalthea)
EFCs London (modified Viscount)
EFCs Borealis (modified Viscount)
ORFs Terbium (Hephaestus)
ORLs Mendel (Hestia)
ORGt Photon (Pluto)

Page 2:  You have all been waiting for this day after the recent nightmares our species has been through.  We have completed the supply reorganization of TF7.  All personnel and supplies from our smaller EFN supply ships have been moved over to the larger ORS ones now part of TF7.  It was a judgement call, but we have less ships to worry about now.

Page 3:  Today we make our move to Beta Volantis and escape Sol. Say your goodbyes now.

Mission Briefing:

Page 1:   Your mission today, Hydras, is simple:  escort the Hesperia and other ships of TF7 to the Beta Volantis system and out of Sol.

Page 2:  Recon wings show Beta Volantis is currently clear.  Hopefully that means that TF7 can get some rest when we reach the other side.

Page 3:  Most of our lighter ships have already made the jump and we just have the Terbium, Photon, Carrington and Hesperia to worry about. 

Page 4:  The Hesperia will stay at the node along with the Lincoln and guard the node until our ships are through.  Get the Terbium and Photon out and then we’ll bring our last warships out. 

Page 5:  These are two very important ships.  The Terbium will be vital to keeping TF7 supplied and the Photon will create a massive explosion if it completely loses hull integrity.  We weren’t able to transfer its supplies fully over yet so it has to come with us for the time being.

Page 6:  This won’t be the end of our journey.  It could take weeks or maybe months to catch up with the main body of Exodus Fleet.  However, this will be an important step.

Page 7:  You’ve all done well so far.  Keep this up and let’s make sure humanity has something to carry on a legacy in the future.

Page 8:  Mission objectives:
[ ] Escort the remainder of TF7 out of Sol

(Mission begins)

Hesperia:  Hydras, we have a pretty simple operation today.  Get us and the rest of the TF7 ships here to the Beta Volantis node.  The Carrington, Lincoln and Hesperia should be able to take care of ourselves for the most part so your main concerns are the Photon and Terbium.

Alpha 1:  Where are we going after we get to Beta Volantis, General Spruance?

Hesperia:  We’ll let you know when we get there.  Just in case any nearby Shivans speak English I don’t want to give our plan over open comms.

Alpha 2:  Sir, aren’t you worried the Sathanas armada will follow us?

Hesperia:  Yes and no pilots.  Our probes show the Shivan fleet is still turning Earth into dust and focusing on the inner planets, so we don’t have any juggernauts on our tail at the moment.  Fortunately for us, they only sent one juggernaut, Tyrant after humanity’s exiled forces.  That ship is primary focused on chasing the main body of Exodus Fleet.  However, all this could change so we want to get a head start on the Sathanas fleet as much as possible.  Fair enough?

Alpha 2:  Fair enough sir.

Bravo 1:  Alpha 1, if we’re worried about holding the fort at the node, should we have some more ships stay behind until we got all our major ships through?

Alpha 1:  I guess we’re trying to get as many ships as possible to Beta Volantis as quickly as possible.  General Spruance judges what we have left can make it through. 

Hesperia:  Lincoln, how’s the node watch been going?

Lincoln:  So far things have been going relatively smoothly, Hesperia.  The majority of TF7 has crossed into Beta Volantis.  The last report said they didn’t detect any active ships so Tyrant’s fleet must be continuing to pursue Exodus Fleet.  We’ll do more scans when we all get in there though.

Hesperia:  Hold on people, we have an incoming Shivan force on our flank!  It looks like fighters and bombers and a couple cruisers.  We should be able to handle the cruisers but don’t let the fighters or bombers get the Photon or Terbuim!

(This enemy force is dispatched and the Photon makes the jump to Beta Volantis)

Lincoln:  Hesperia, we have some bad news.  A pair of Moloch frigates just jumped in behind the convoy.  They shouldn’t be able to hit the Photon or Terbium but could cause damage to you and or the Carrington.

Hesperia:  Alpha, lead the Hydras and take out their primary beam cannons.  We have some bombers on standby and are dispatching a wing of them to help finish off the frigates.  At the least disarm the frigates so the Lincoln can help if they get closer.

(The Hydras disarm the Molochs and with the help of the bombers finish off the frigates.)

Photon:  Thanks for the escort Hesperia, we’ll see you and the rest of TF7 in Beta Volantis soon. 

(The Photon jumps out)

Hesperia:  Terbium, what’s your status?

Terbium:  Hesperia, we’ll be able to jump out in about a minute.  Thank you for your help.

Lincoln:  Hesperia, we have some bad news.

Hesperia:  What is it?

Lincoln:  We’re detecting two destroyer class Shivan vessels incoming.  From what we can tell, they look like a Ravana and a Demon.  What are your orders?

Hesperia:  Terbium, get out of Sol and join the rest of TF7 in Beta Volantis as soon as you can.  We still need a little bit more time to fully power up our intersystem drive for the jump.  We’ll stay behind and guard this side of the node.  Carrington, jump to the Beta Volantis side and prepare to defend that side if they make it past the Hesperia and Lincoln.

(The Terbium jumps out.)

Carrington:  Negative, Hesperia.  We’re staying behind until they’re finished too.  You could use our heavy firepower.

Hesperia:  So be it.  Hydras, prepare to target forward beam cannons on the destroyers and defend against bomber attacks.  We’re sending up a second wing of bombers to help out.  All pilots out there, now would be a good time to rearm.

(About a minute passes)

Alpha 1:  General Spruance, I’m detecting something incoming from the Beta Volantis node!

(The artillery frigate Fafnir comes in)
Hesperia:  Fafnir, what are you doing here?  You’re supposed to be on the other side helping to guard the supply ships!

Fafnir:  We heard some of the transmissions.  I couldn’t just sit by and do nothing when we could be of assistance.  Our long range primary cannon can help here.

(The two Shivan destroyers jump in)

Hesperia:  We’ll deal with this later.  Hydras, you have your orders.  Escort the bombers as they take out the forward primary beams on each destroyer.  One wing will go for each destroyer.  Once the primary cannons are taken out, get back to the cover of our capital ships and defend us against Shivan fighter and bomber attacks.  Once the forward turrets are taken out, the Hesperia and our three frigates here should be able to take out the destroyers fairly easily.

(The Hydras escort the bomber wings to take out the main beams of the Ravana and Demon.  Along the way they take out a number of enemy fighters and bombers too.  After that, as ordered, they head back to the TF7 formation to take out some more bomber waves incoming.)

Hesperia:  Excellent work Hydras!  You and our bombers have taken the teeth out of the enemy.  Stand back and watch the fireworks.

(With the firepower of the Hesperia, Lincoln, Carrington, and Fafnir.  The two destroyers eventually go down.  In this mission the friendly bombers could help take down the Shivan ships too; though the capital ships of TF7 do most of the work.)

Bravo 1:  We got them!

Hesperia:  This is the Hesperia…enemy destroyers have been taken out.  Thank you to all present for your work in this engagement.  Lincoln, do you detect any more ships?

Lincoln:  Negative, Hesperia.  I’m detecting no additional Shivan ships incoming.  Nor do any of our probes detect any Shivan ships in this area of the system.  It looks like we’re in the clear.

Hesperia:  Good, good.  We only need one more minute to fully charge our jump drive.  Lincoln, Fafnir, and Carrington…you’re clear to jump to Beta Volantis and rendezvous with the rest of TF7.  We’ll see you in a minute.  Your assistance in this engagement Fafnir was very much appreciated…however, would you consider obeying orders next time?

Fafnir:   Roger that, Hesperia.  Fafnir is jumping out.

(The Lincoln and Fafnir jump to Beta Volantis.)

Hesperia:  Carrington, you can head out now.  Also…are all you ORS people always this stubborn?

Carrington:  Yeah, but you’ll get used to us General.  See you on the other side.

(The Carrington makes the jump out to Beta Volantis.)

Hesperia:  All pilots, the Hesperia will begin the jump as soon as you’re all back on board.  Land on the Hesperia immediately so we can get all of TF7 out of Sol.

(This was a great line in official Exile so I got Nyctaeus' permission to have Spruance repeat/paraphrase it here.)

Hesperia:  Good.  Everyone is back on board.  Pilots, crew…this is General Spruance:  I want everyone to take one last look at Sol behind you before we make the jump sequence to Beta Volantis in about a minute.  This will probably be the last time any of us see our home system…the birthplace of humanity.  Someday, maybe centuries from now, Terrans might come back and reclaim this system from the Shivans.  However, this is likely the last day any of us will ever see Sol.  It is necessary we leave today so that we may see tomorrow.  We and TF7 and Exodus Fleet may be all that’s left of humanity in the universe…and our friend Asir that we rescued may be all that’s left of Vasudan-kind.  Exodus Fleet and TF7 may be all that’s left of the free peoples of the universe.  I have faith in you all; we will not let the Shivans exterminate us.  The days ahead may be difficult, but we will survive.  Helm, engage subspace drive.

(The Hesperia jumps out to Beta Volantis and the screen fades to black and the mission debriefing screen comes up.)

Mission Debriefing:

Good work Hydras and TF7 ships.  All of TF7 made it successfully to the Beta Volantis system.  Except for some light patrols, I want to give most of our squadrons and ships some time to rest. 

I will be meeting with the rest of our ship captains and shipmasters to discuss our next strategic move.  Thankfully it looks like Exodus Fleet has cleared out most of the system for us.  We don’t detect any Shivan capital ships at the moment and we’ll clear out any pockets of fighters we find.

Our long-term goal is to meet up with and merge with Exodus Fleet.  I can’t say how long that will take, but I am confident we can make it happen.  This won’t be easy, but if we can survive the destruction of Sol, I’m sure we can survive this too.  Remember all those who died and fight to ensure the surviving free peoples of the universe can see tomorrow.

Unless you hear the battle stations alarm or a call to duty Hydras, take the rest of the day off.

-General Oliver Spruance
EFD Hesperia
EFN Task Force 7


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