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AF II vasudan osiris bug



I don't know if this has been addressed before but when act II (and the following) starts and you have to start to take down vasudan bombers I have noticed how difficult it seems to take down an osiris. One would think that these ships are slow and easy to kill but they appear to have a major bug with their hitbox as every weapon seems to do minimal damage or just shoot through the model. At exception that if you aim in a weird position like where the shield quadrants are they get hit and their hull goes down 1-3. This happens regularly to each single osiris and I've even seen F-beams go through the model itself.

This is was due to an issue in the osiris model file which builds 22.0 and older would not treat well. This file shouldd fix it. You can drop this in your mod folder (on knossos, in your library -> FS2/AftermathReboot2-1.5.0) under data/models, creating folders where necessary.


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