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Exile 2.0 technical problems


I'm currently playing through the newest version of Exile.  So far it's working great overall but I noticed two bugs so far:

1-Sometimes the box with dialogue text will partially overlap the box that shows the head animation which means you can't see the whole face and it can be difficult to see the dialogue in the dialogue box (though the dialogue is still readable in the upper left part of the screen.

2-In the previous version, you had an option to choose to play one of two missions involving the Ida Lewis and resource gathering.  You could choose either mission 12 or 13.  Mission 12 was sort of a tower defense resource gathering mission where you could set turrets and select what to 'buy'.  Mission 13 was simply protecting the Ida Lewis from a bomber attack. 
In this version though, you don't get that option.  There is no special screen that comes up to let you select which mission to play (like a command briefing screen comes up to let you select an SOC loop for example).  It goes right from mission 11 to mission 13 (you have to play the simpler mission in other words).

I looked in the tech room (the missions part) and used Ctrl+Shift+S, and there is no mission 12 listed at all.  It lists #11 but right below it is #13.

This would make it impossible to get all 19 bonus achievements in the campaign (as one of them is not losing a single mining drone in mission 12).  Although this is just for bragging rights and not for anything of plot importance (unlike Shadow Genesis where getting a certain amount of bonus achievements is required to see the full plot).


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