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What to Backup before Upgrade


In times past I have spent many hours trying to get Freespace to run after a MediaVP upgrade and every so often I lose my pilot. I usually wind up stripping everything out of my system and starting over with a fresh Freespace 2 install.

I'd rather not go through that. I see that Knossos itself is now outdated. I currently have Knossos 0.14.3. It seems like I should go to KNet. Should I uninstall Knossos first? Will KNet find my current setup?

What should I backup so that I can quickly try again if things go south?


KNet will find your current setup; you don't even have to uninstall old Knossos.

You can backup the Knossos settings in %APPDATA%\knossos and the files it downloaded in C:\Games\FreeSpaceOpen.

Followup: worked great. Installed, upgraded, no issues. Added some mods, no issues. I had to select my joystick / rudder again but I don't consider that an issue. Very solid. Thank goodness. This has always brought anxiety when I upgrade.


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