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What does it need?


What other .vp's does the demo campaign require (FS_Port etc.) as I haven't heard of it and it looks like this could be the new retail FA campaign, and I want to get a look at some of the completed work.

Black Wolf:
Just the VP it comes with.

NB - I can;t speak for the rest o fthe team, but the missions by me in there are in no way equivalent of what I can do now - I played through it recently and was somewhat embarassed. :nervous:

Hey BW, would you mind terribly IMing me some time? I have a tentative final VP with all the stuff we discussed in it.

you sure caus in the first mission your told you need to fly Athenas yet i started in Ulysses with no secondaries.

Then you must have had custom tables installed that overwrote the ones in the VP. In order to play a VP mod, you need to deactivate all your others.


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