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Question: Thruster Flames...

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If you look in the textures section of FSMM2, the extension of each texture file (*.ani, *.pcx) is not stated, so you can simply put thruster0*. BTW:

01 - Terran
02 - Vasudan
03 - Shivan

  Hope that helps.

Robin Varley:
Once of finished the ridiculous amount of work I've got at the moment I'll give it a try.

Robin Varley:
Hurrah, in a spare ten minutes i got it to work by renaming the texture in a hex editor to thruster.ani

Thanks for your help guys, I cant belive it was such a simple thing...doh!!!

FS2 does not care about thruster texture.  all you need to do is change the $Species entry in the ships.tbl.

I have never had a problem with the "tileing problem" that Pastel talked about, but as long as it has proper UV space and the texture is named corectly it should work (sometimes you need to have a thruster for them to show up properly), I would sudjest useing FSMM2 to rename the textures, and I never add the extintion (.ani).

Bobboau, bringing you products that work.............. in theory


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