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 :eek2: The forums came (back).

Aye! NTV does have a demo, after all, and it would be nice if it has some exposure.

Plus there's a fantastic campaign outline and modpack lurking in the internal, just waiting for someone to take over the project.

I could be interested in helping. Depends on what you need, and what kinda skills are needed for it.

Admiral Nelson:
Has the patched version of the demo survived?  A patch seems to have been released, but only as an attachment long ago pruned.

Hmm, I dunno. I'll have to have a look.

ShadowGorrath: This project needs a coordinator, writers, FREDders, and testers, in that order. The mods and the campaign outline are all done but the staff (Alikchi, Black Wolf, Stealth, Adwight, and myself) disbanded after the demo was released.


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