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How many of the weapon systems will be set as destroyable bits? Cause I recall being able to blow off like the Heavy Missile Batteries off battlecruisers and whatnot.

All of them like in the FS one, or will ships be able to retain a of their smaller PD-ish guns? Or none of them?

Initial goal was to have all of em destroyable, but this is actually gonna get too confusing and performance-demanding. Remaining systems will be the main beams/other heavy turrets, and standard subsystems (engine(s), weapons, navigation, sensors, reactors...)

I demand eyecandy of the GTVA ships, this thread is too Fed.

You will get Tev pictures once I start working on more Tev stuff. For now, my new rig demands an eyecandy sacrifice.

That looks really really nice :yes:


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