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FSPort-style weapon animations for Twist of Fate

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Woolie Wool:
Hello, may I request your services?

I would like to request some FSPort-style interface animation for Twist of Fate's weapons. The weapons required would be the FS2 weapons (minus the Prom S, Prom R, and SDG, which already appear in FSPort), plus a handful of others in the attached zip file. Some have interface art showing what they're supposed to look like, others you'd have to interpret for yourself more or less.

[attachment deleted by ninja]

I've finally set up a template for FSPort style select anims. You wouldn't be able to replace that attachment would you? I seem to have lost my copy...

EDIT: The request is partially complete. Click here for the weap select stuffs.

I still need the attachment to do the rest.

Woolie Wool:
Here are most of them, I couldn't find the rest.



I also need Vasudan equivalents to the Banshee and Disruptor (with icons), i used to have icons for these but they were lost. Also that file you linked to was deleted.

[attachment deleted by ninja]

Sorry, you can find that previous link in the first post of this thread.

Just to make sure I've got everything.. you need 5 Terran weapons, of which you provided icons to work from. You also need 6 Vasudan weapons, of which you provided 4 icons to work from. (Would FSPort's VLL-9 laser work as one of the 6?)

Also, could I get the names of these weapons? (if they are named)

And you want this all in FS1 style? (Some of the icons you linked look a little more like FS2 style).

Woolie Wool:
Well, the VLL-9 animation can't be used because I need it for the VLL-9 itself.

Anyway, the names of the weapons to go with the icons, in the format HUD name/Techroom name:
icon_phalanx: Phalanx/GTW-9 Phalanx Cannon
wse03: Vasudan Autocannon
wse02: Penetrator III/GTW-2 Penetrator II
wse01: Subach ML-23/GTW Subach ML-23
icon_hypacs: Scalpel/GTW-15D Scalpel
icon_automerc: Khopesh/PVW-60 Khopesh (this is a spreadfire weapon and might really need a new icon)
icon_punisher: Kilij VC5-/PVW Kilij VC-5
wse05: Ion Burst/GTW-11 Ion Burster
wse04: Spear/PVW-80 Spear

Vasudan Banshee: Adze/PVW-94 Adze
Vasudan Disruptor: PVW-32 Sarisa


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