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Act I Demo released!

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Did you have beta testers?

Of course we did. Yay for the horrible image this creates about me and my dev team. Seems to me that I missed an effects folder when compiling one .vp out of multiple ones. That still doesn't explain why did it work fine before uploading. New version will be uploaded soon.

EDIT: In 6 minutes.

Finished. I have similar feelings as Talon. All fighters are too weak and too maneuverable. All combat in Syrk is just too fast in my opinion - ships are too weak. I suggest you should make fighting in Syrk a bit longer. And I don't see most of weapons, only shotgun-like gun with unlimited ammo [I like it :D]. I saw the VP file, you placed all sounds in wrong folder. You should place all sounds of weapons in "sounds" folder. After all, I like the demo. You've all done great work with music and skyboxes :yes:.

The campaign needs a grammar nazi. The support ship's techroom description has leftovers of the Hygiea. First mission is pretty bland. Despite having one transport blow up, I was still allowed to continue. Also, I received an RTB directive and ignored it until the mission played itself. I don't think this needs to be slower. I think it needs to be funner.

By the way, the music is nice.

OP updated. :)


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