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Act I Demo released!

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...fingers crossed....

...fingers crossed....

P.S. Bonus HQ music track: here


--- Quote from: ShadowsOfLight on April 21, 2011, 06:08:18 pm ---P.S. Bonus HQ music track: here

--- End quote ---

Whoops, I missed that. OP edited :)

Talon 1024:
I just finished downloading the Syrk demo now.  Unfortunately, it's missing a lot of effects, so I couldn't see where I was firing my weapons and I couldn't tell whether I was hitting the enemies or not.  Secondly, the fighter you're given at the start is weak, and it's a bit too maneuverable to be able to keep it under control.  Thirdly, the first mission seems to be throwing overkill enemies at your measly little Elysiums.  I don't know...  Maybe I suck, but that's my first impressions.

What the hell?! You are right, this upload has been corrupted. I swear there were weapon effects when I tested the freshly compiled .vp - I apologize. Will be getting back to that in a bit.
As for the difficulty, we haven't had much problems with completing it :nervous:


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