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Yet an other cloaking request


I already declared my intend to use cloaking, just making it offical now by making a request in the boutique  :nod:
I do not have a particular effect for it in mind. Just that I'd like the color to be either green/teal/blue. Considering its for WoD the effect does not have to be 'realistic', it can be as much over the top and pretty as possible. I'll give you full creative control over that  :D


mjn.mixael is credit to team!

Still waiting for that texture replace sexp so this can be integrated into mission in a bit more of an elegant way
Also, need to figure out how to get this in without making bmpman roll over and die on the spot.  :p

niiiicee :yes:

Haha, thanks. Yeah I saw the lines on the glow map and could NOT resist that sort of effect.


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