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POLL: What's In A Name?

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Yes I do! I'm still working on some hosting and a few other technical issues since I converted from the old FSO to the latest (remember it was originally developed on a version of FSO a few years old). There are a few videos currently in other threads that I'll try to get linked to in one post soon.

I've been working a lot on the intro cinematic lately and will post it when I have it nearer to completion.

NOTE: It's "Summer's End" not "Summers End". The latter is an actual, grammatically-correct sentence, stating that summers (as in the season "Summer", referred to as a collective plural) always end (because that's what they do).

...which would not make sense as a ship name (or a name in general).

Personally, I'd pick something aside from those four. I'd go with the "Balaclava"--the name of the battle in which the famous Charge of the Light Brigade occurred. Thematically, it fits in line with the canon "Gettysburg" from First Strike (also a frigate), and both featured brave, suicidal charges (that were not intended to be suicidal originally). Though notably, there were a significant number of survivors from the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Devrous. Any news of activity on this? What about that intro you're working on?

The intro, perfectionist self is tripping me up on it as I haven't got it to where I want it. Seeing that it'll be the first folks see I wanna nail it, you know? :P

General status at the moment:
-Getting web space for game files
-Teaching myself texturing with maps not painting it on >.<
-Rewriting mission flow; first stab at it was horrible in my own opinion
-Misc model fixes (infinite holes, invisible faces, etc.)


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