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Reviewed and replied. I'll ask kara to give you prospectives access; you can post any wip shots there once you get to that stage.

You should have access now. Get us something we can use and I'll be happy to bring you properly onto the team.

The Final Cylon:
If you're still looking for all of the positions listed above, I'd like to offer my services.

I'm a visual effects artist, and I do some animation. I have some experience with space shots. If you'd like to see some of my work, I'd prefer to send a link directly rather than posting it on the forums.

Feel free to PM me that link. Please allow me a few days to get back to you; I'm on a trip but should be back home on a normal internet connection from this monday onwards.
Looking forward to seeing your work!

First post updated - if there are people around who can't texture or unwrap but do know their way around a 3D app, they can still help us by learning to convert ships. Or if there are people who already know how to do that and want to join up - we can definitely use another pair of hands in the pof converting department.


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